— Sunday’s TNA house show in Gainesville is being advertised as “AJ Styles’ Homecoming.”

— It would appear that Angelina Love is upset over online reports concerning the nature of her sudden departure from TNA Wrestling. She wrote the following “status update” on her MySpace account: “I dare a “reporter” to have the correct info! unbelieveable!”

— Former TNA production manager Randy Ricci has posted a blog looking at Angelina Love’s sudden departure from TNA. Elsewhere in the blog, he makes his feelings known about Love by saying she has “the best butt in the history of pro wrestling.” He then recalls a story of TNA president Dixie Carter privately saying “she needs to cover that up” during one of her first appearances in the company. “I have an “estranged” wife and 3 daughters. I know very well about “female competition,” Ricci wrote. “Dixie was totally intimidated by Angelina’s “derrier” and just about threw a fit and said “she’s o.k. but, she needs to cover that up”. RIDICULOUS!!!!” To read his blog post in its entirety, go to http://nawf.com/blog/?p=1663

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