It’s no secret that the WWE is eliminating some of its miscellaneous pay-per-views and creating new gimmick cards in their place.  I thought I would toss one of my best ideas into the mix, so here is how I would book In My House 2010.

Living Room Accent Chair and Dining Room Accent Chair v. Outdoor Adjustable Chairs – The accent chairs are getting good heat.  They say it’s about time they get some respect.  They’re tired of being just accent chairs.  They’re tired of just being scooted in to the table when a guest is over.  Huge pop for the Outdoor Adjustable Chairs.  Double clothesline from the Outdoor Adjustable Chairs.  The Accents regroup.  Major offense from the Accents and the Dining Room Chair hits a seated powerbomb for the win.

Office Arm Chair v. Glider w/ Ottoman – Very fast-paced.  The Office Arm Chair hits the height adjustment followed by the backwards recline.  The Glider is able to escape by gliding backwards and on the return knocks the Office Arm Chair dizzy.  The Office Arm Chair looks to be out of it but manages to hit the 360 degree spin.  Goes for the cover.  The Ottoman interrupts the count!  The Glider hits another back-and-forth and this one is over.

Leather Massage Chair v. Hotel Corner Chair – Complete squash.  The Hotel Corner Chair’s training regimen consists of little more than guests throwing their suitcases onto it while they unpack.  The Leather Massage Chair dominates with its various rolling and pummeling features and finishes with the electric chair drop.

Backstage – The Hammock is talking with Chairman of the Board La Parka trying to get hired.

Antique Victorian Chair v. Bean Bag Chair: Huge pop for the Antique Victorian Chair.  Major heat on the Bean Bag Chair.  Back and forth and the Antique Victorian Chair is on rickety legs already.  One of its arms splinters and the Bean Bag Chair looks like it might have this one.  Goes for the cover 1…2…the Antique Victorian Chair kicks out!  Its got a second wind and now its busted the Bean Bag Chair wide open.  Beans are all over the living room and the Antique Victorian Chair is really going to work on the Bean Bag Chair.  The Bean Bag Chair is gushing beans everywhere but out of nowhere it hits a chop block, taking out the rickety legs to end the match.  Both of these chairs need assistance getting out of here.

Premium Upholstered Executive © v. Italian Leather Loveseat – This is the one we’ve been waiting to see.  Both chairs receive huge pops.  Starts with a test of strength.  Neither is able to get a clear advantage.  The Italian Leather Loveseat finally slams the Executive down and the Executive has lost a cushion!  The Loveseat looks to exploit this damage, applying a nasty submission, but the Executive fights back with a press slam of his own.  The Italian Leather has been torn.  The Loveseat goes for an atomic drop, but the Executive is able to counter it into a Pedigree to retain.

The Accent Chairs would go on to feud with ShowMiz and finally we’d have a credible tag division.  Meanwhile the cruisers look great with the Office Arm Chair and Glider both putting on a strong performance.  I don’t really like the Leather Massage Chair in the squash match, but it gets it on the PPV and gives it a monster build.  The Hammock story will be fun to follow.  The Antique Victorian Chair putting over the Bean Bag Chair is absolutely huge.  It’s exactly the kind of thing the Bean Bag Chair needs to challenge the Premium Upholstered Executive or John Cena for the title.  Then the last match we have the two heavyweights going at it which is what the fans want to see at this point and that program has pretty much written itself.

I’m off to e-mail my idea to Vince.  I’m DeepSeaDan and that’s The Scuba!