John Cena went on his Twitter to bash The Rock once again as they get closer to their match at Wrestlemania.

He wrote: “Topeka Kansas. Get ready for the fighting fruity pebble! Also pumped for abu dahbi this week! WrestleMania here soon,” Cena tweeted before Friday’s RAW house show. “Wonder if Dwayne will be there……hmmmm….let me…Nope. Lotta static bout Dwayne’s absence in Topeka. No need to worry. He will be there April 1…then we settle it.”

The Rock then replied on his own account: “I was electrifying Topeka when you were sucking on yum rockets in college. My boot. Your ass. #Wrestlemania.”

Then Cena tweeted back: “So, it’s apparent that my actor buddy Dwayne doesn’t like homosexuals or secondary education. Very classy. Tell Brian (Gewirtz) to write u better stuff.”

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