— WrestleReunion has added former NBA star Dennis Rodman to its events in Miami on March 30th and 31st. Rodman appeared for WCW several times as a part of the nWo, and helped WCW gain exposure as his appearances often made SportsCenter.

— Ted DiBiase posted the following blog on his website…

DiBiase Posse,

I’m back from Central America. Had a great time performing for our WWE fans in Honduras, Panama and Guatemala! I got a chance to tag up with Justin Gabriel this week. It was a lot of fun, and reminded me how much I enjoy tag team wrestling. The only problem was, I had to work all three shows with one terrible sunburn!! It was extremely painful and a bit embarrassing because if you were sitting in the first three rows then I’m sure you could see some pretty funny tan lines! The front side of my body was quite “lobster-like”, while my backside remained a bit pale, but not quite “Sheamus-like”.

I slightly blame Tim Tebow, along with a cool northwest breeze, for my sunburn as I was reading his book by the pool and lost track of time. Two hours of sun that close to equator without sunblock is just not smart. Good book though! Hope you all are well! Look forward to seeing you guys at the DPP’s!! Remember to dream big and be your best!!

God Bless,

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