Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by The Daily World, here are the highlights…

On Winning the World Heavyweight Title: “It was crazy. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and a lot of people thought I couldn’t succeed at this. It was vindication, that I reached the top. When people are doubting you that much, sometimes you doubt yourself. It was more retrospective — I can’t believe I went through all of that and I’m at this moment.”

On Being a Heel Vegan: “I never thought (being a vegan) would turn me into a bad guy. The way we’ve (incorporated it) it has been kind of fun. It is the personality that makes people hate me — winning my matches by disqualification, cheap ways to win, claiming I’m a role model because I don’t eat meat. It all gets under people’s skins. I’ve always loved being a bad guy; there’s something more fun about it. It always makes me smile. Now, I’ll hear my music and (the crowd) instantly starts booing. I have to keep myself from laughing, because it makes me happy.”

On WrestleMania 28: “I’m not nervous about the match, but I’m excited about the experience. We’re not afraid to hit each other. Some guys like to fight. I like to fight. Sheamus was a bouncer for years. There’s something about being in front of a large crowd and getting hit. It fires you up. We want to steal the show, even with Rock vs. Cena (on the card).”

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