The VOC Nation was LIVE on 1360 WNJC Philadelphia and WORLDWIDE at on 3/14/12. Joey Styles returned and didn’t hold back. The full interview can be heard at Among other things, Joey discussed:

On the closing of the ECW Arena: “It was sad to be there for the final show, but it was a chance to say goodbye and put that part of my career behind me and head back up the turnpike to my new career here at It was bittersweet.”

On Eric Bischoff’s Facebook Rant on Jeremy Borash: “When Eric was on the show last week, did he bury any of his co-workers while on the live show? Or does he only do that at night when he’s at the bar? Jeremy works a lot harder than other people at TNA that make more money than him.”

On Eric Bischoff’s leadership position at TNA: “Eric is not in the same ballpark as (Vince McMahon or Triple H)…it would be like the equivalent of someone in mid-level management in our production crew.”

On Ric Flair being at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony: “What is the downside for TNA? ”

On whether WWE should give mention to TNA during Flair’s appearance: “…we won’t, that would make us morons. Fans who know, (Flair is in TNA) know; fans who don’t know, don’t know. There is no downside to Flair going, and if (TNA) doesn’t let him, they come off as classless. It’s a pretty good chess move by the WWE. I can’t imagine why anyone at TNA would not want that to happen (for Ric Flair).”

On whether ECW should be represented in the WWE Hall of Fame: “My opinion…next year with Wrestlemania in New York…Paul Heyman should go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Verne Gagne is in, Mike Graham is in, and there is no reason not to incorporate Paul Heyman, and next year in NY is the time to do it.”

On Brock Lesnar: “He should have never returned to MMA after his illness. If he had never gotten sick, he may still be the UFC Heavyweight champion.”

On Journalists going into the Hall of Fame: “I think Bill Apter should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Before there was the Internet, the way to be made a star was to be on the cover of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazines. Bill was the one out in front who went to the shows and took the photos…people would argue that Lex Lugar was only made a start because of his presence on the cover of those magazines.”

On his career path into wrestling: “I started at Pro Wrestling Illustrated and learned from Bill Apter, Craig Peters, and Stu Saks. I met Paul Heyman while working there…Paul gave me my break after meeting him while working for the magazine. Bill Apter gave me my break in wrestling, and I am incredibly thankful for him.”

On who is the guy who will carry the WWE torch in the future: “Without getting into a long list, I think given the opportunity and handed the ball, Dolph Ziggler could score again and again and again. I see a lot of great performers in Dolph Ziggler.”

On whether Jim Ross should call Wrestlemania: “Jim Ross should call the Undertaker/Triple H match, because it was the end of an era, and he was a big part of that era.”

On Michael Cole: “Michael Cole is a great announcer when he is allowed to just be a lead announcer. I don’t like Michael Cole doing what he is doing now.”

On which ECW performer should have been given a bigger run in WWE: Taz should have had a better run as a wrester in the WWE. Especially after (his debut at MSG where he ended Angle’s undefeated streak).”

On Twitter: “You can follow me on twitter @joeystyles where I will not run down my co-workers”.

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