It has been reported that Kie Westby in the new Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. While late to the race, Westby wasted no time by sharing her thoughts on Linda McMahon’s last campaign, stating the following…

“Linda McMahon spent $50 million last time. She proved that $50 million plus the wrong candidate does not equal success.”

– Famous political advisor and commentator Dick Morris has endorsed Chris Shays in the 2012 Senate race in Connecticut. Shays is the lead opponent for former WWE CEO Linda McMahon. In a video released this week, Morris explained his position against McMahon, stating the following…

“We’re focused on what the folks are saying in Connecticut.

Anybody could have beaten (Richard) Blumenthal (in the 2010 race), and certainly somebody who spent $50 million. But, McMahon was so radioactive, so unattractive to the voters that she couldn’t do it.

Now she’s running again in 2012 and she has no more chance to win this time than she had last time. She lost by 12 points last time – she didn’t even come close and if she gets the nomination instead of Shays, the Democrats are going to walk away with that seat.”

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