— As noted earlier, Justin Credible was removed from the Extreme Reunion event. Credible was originally set to wrestle Jerry Lynn. There were also plans to add Devon “Crowbar” Storm to the bout as a surprise. The match was changed to Lynn vs. Crowbar. That match apparently “stole the show.”

Numerous officials became concerned about Credible’s condition backstage at the event and at one point they found him “slumped over, passed out asleep” in a chair. Officials then asked him to the leave building.

According to a source, Credible returned to the building and basically “begged” officials to let him work the event. He was turned down by the promotion and told to leave a second time. Credible then came out and walked around in the crowd late in the show but was walked to the back and left the venue.

— As far as Sabu is concerned, he did not appear at the fanfest earlier in the day and officials became concerned. Shane Douglas and others then went to his hotel room and found him passed out. Sabu was seen out drinking on Friday night with a number of other wrestlers including Justin Credible. Credible actually tweeted a photo of an unconscious Sabu the night before.

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