Vic M. sent this one in: I was watching UFC Fight Night live on Fuel TV in Stockholm, Sweden and during the second fight which was John Maguire vs. Damarques Johnson, Maguire wore pink trunks and the announcer said that he wears pink because his idol growing up was Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He won the fight as well by transitioning out of a kimura into an arm bar and locked it in quick. Looks like he might have loved the dungeon.

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— ROH star Jay Briscoe tweeted the following to John Laurinaitis Saturday night: @WWERawGM yo homie i seen yall runnin salisbury md on 6/9. Thats 20 minutes from sandy fork. Were open… whats good? (Thanks to Michael Repak for the heads up on this.)

WWE sent out “feelers” several months ago to look into the possibility of offering contracts Adam Cole and The Briscoes but those feelers were turned away as they are signed to ROH contracts.

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