— WWEDVDNews reports that WWE has made a significant change to the ECW DVD set that comes out on June 25th. Instead of the set being on the 25 greatest matches in original ECW history, it will now focus on unreleased matches from the Extreme Championship Wrestling archives. This DVD and Blu-ray will be the first in an ongoing series, depending on sales of the first title. The new title for the DVD and Blu-ray is “ECW: UNRELEASED – Volume 1.”

— WWE held the WrestleMania 28 Reading Challenge Finals in Miami yesterday. The winners in each group received ringside seats for tonight’s pay-per-view. On hand were Mick Foley, Dolph Ziggler, Hornswoggle, Rey Mysterio and Alicia Fox. This year’s challenge saw grade 5-6 competitor Chase Leclair take home the silver cup. Chase was the winner of the WrestleMania 27 Reading Challenge last year in Atlanta.

— For those who always ask me about pay-per-view streams, I’ll throw this out there with the WWE WrestleMania coming up tonight. We are not affiliated with this website at all but I use wsnlive.com. Basically you sign up for an account, make it ‘elite’ (it’s like $10 or something for the entire month – all PPVs) and you get a HQ Quality stream. It works every time for us and never skips. Again, we’re not affiliated with the site but I always get asked so here you go. It’s well worth it.

— There may be some kind of angle between Zack Ryder and Eve Torres during tonight’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view.

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