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— EVOLVE had to change the lineup for the “EVOLVE 11” iPPV because Scott Reed and A.R. Fox were unable to get into Canada. Bobby Fish and Cheech were also scheduled but did not appear. Wrestlers that appeared on the card unadvertised included Adam Page, Mike Rollins, Jake Manning, Drew Gulak, and Ashley Sixx, and M.K. McKinnan.

— The matches that were affected were Johnny Gargano vs A.R. Fox and The Scene vs The Super Smash Brothers. Gargano was added to the Chuck Taylor vs Samurai Del Sol match, which became a Three-Way Elimination. The Super Smash Brothers fought Chuck Taylor’s new stable of Jake Manning & Drew Gulak. Caleb Konley of The Scene was in a singles match with Larry Dallas and Leah following him to ringside.

— Speaking of Larry Dallas, he will be going on tour with the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan for three months from April 26 to July 26. Dallas is currently the manager of The Scene and has worked in both EVOLVE and DGUSA for several years. Dallas will maange the Mad Blankey faction, featuring BxB Hulk and Akira Tozawa.

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