Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, April 23rd, 2012 (USA Network)
Location: The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI
Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start the show with Teddy Long in the center of the ring, being announced as the FORMER General Manager of Smackdown. He welcomes us to the contract signing of the main event at Extreme Rules. He introduces first, John Cena! Lots o’ Boos. Announced next is, obviously, Brock Lesnar but instead of Brock, we get Johnny Ace coming out. He complains that Brock is not here yet and he told Teddy that. Teddy says that Ace sent him out here. Johnny claims to have not said any such thing. He wants Teddy to tell Mr. Cena that Brock will come out on Brock’s terms and he shouldn’t be in such a hurry to sign the contract. This can possibly be his last night on RAW so he should enjoy it. Ace tells Teddy to tell Cena to leave his ring…you know, in case Cena can’t hear him. Teddy tells Mr. Cena to leave the ring, now.

Ace introduces himself, but before he can, he gets interrupted by…


Edge with haircut rushes out and totally bypasses Ace, and enters the ring. Cena applauds Edge….right.

Edge claims that he’s not supposed to be here tonight. In a few days, his contract is up, actually. But he came to talk to Cena. He could have done it privately, sure, but it’ll have much more effect right here. He didn’t come to talk to this John Cena, he doesn’t even know who the hell this Cena is. He came to talk to the John Cena who was his greatest rival ever in this industry. He wants to talk to the John Cena who tossed him through two tables off a ladder. Or the John Cena who beaat the hell out of him and tossed him in the Long Island sound. This is not that John Cena and he doesn’t know where he went. He doesn’t know if it’s The Rock. He gets how it feels to lose a big match, even The Rock losing to Brock took 8 years to “find his mojo.” Edge tells Cena that he’s got to find that John Cena. With all the differences, there’s one similarity; how much they love THIS. This was all they ever wanted. Does Cena think that Brock gives a damn about any of this? Any of them? He only is interested in money. He left for 8 years while Cena and Edge carried the load. He tells Cena to wake up because if he doesn’t, it’s a slap in the face to guys that love this industry. he’s slapping the faces of Edge, HBK and Taker. He screams at Cena to wake up. He’s not asking Cena to beat Brock, he’s telling him to.

Edge takes his leave. That was powerful, and damn…if that were done during Rock and Cena, it would have added soooo much. But alas…

Match 1:
Jericho fires with the rights, then hits a knee in the corner and goes on the attack of the back of the neck. Jericho tosses Kofi but Kofi reverse the whips and sends Jericho to the corner, hits him to the center. Reverese whip and Jericho misses the right allowing Kofi to hit a monkey flip. Arm drag from Kofi. Dropkick, then he clotheslines Jericho over the ropes. Kofi flies, but stops himself as Jericho makes his way up the ramp. KOfi ggoads him back in and Jericho falls for it, heads in, and meets a drop toe hold into an arm lock. Jericho tries to roll out of it then gets the ref in between Kofi and Jericho before hitting a thumb to the eye. A chop from Jericho followed by a right then he sends Kofi to the corner and clotheslines him. Jericho gloats then gets a side headlock on Kofi. sends Jericho to the ropes, hops over Jericho and hits a spinning heel kick then pins for 1….2..NO! Kofi hits the ropes, goes up top, Jericho presses him over the head then slams him down abs first! Jericho sends Kofi to the corner and hits a chop, then a kick and a whip to the corner. Jericho flies, but hits face first into the turnbuckle, rolling over the ropes to the outside. Kofi goes for another flip over the ropes, and this time he lands right on Jericho as we go to break.

We’re back and Jericho is behind Kofi, with a cravat. Kofi tries turning into it and does, then hits some rights and throughs an elbow like Jones. Kofi with anice rollup into a pin for 1…2…NOPE! Jericho with an enziguri and a pin for 1…2….NO! Jericho grabs the arms of Kofi and pulls them back, adding the knee to the back. ASK HIM! Kofi is able to stand, but Jericho hits a kick then a bulldog. He goes for the lionsault, but Kofi moves and goes for another pin for 1…2…NO! Kofi with a chop, hits the ropes, heel kick! He calls for the BOOM Drop. He hits it, and a pin for 1….2…NO! Jericho is up with a HARD chop. Jericho sends Kofi to the corner and Kofi hits the kick around the ropes, goes up top, and hits a high cross body into a pin, but Jericho rolls it over for a pin himself for 1….2..NO! Kofi is up and hits the SOS and a pin! 1….2..NO! Kofi is up in the corner and Jericho stands. Cross body to the BACK of Jericho! Kofi with the BOOM Drop! He hits it! He calls for Trouble in Paradise, but Jericho is up and goes for the Walls!! Kofi turns around though, and runs to the corner. He kicks Jericho down and goes up top! He flies! Right into the Codebreaker!!! Jericho, instead of pinning, locks in the Walls of Jericho, adding the knee to the head and Kofi taps!!
Winner: Chris Jericho (***1/2)
Holy shit that was a great match.

Jericho has the mic, he wants to know if we saw that. This is the proof that this Sunday at Extreme Rules, he will become the NEW WWE Champion! He brings about Punk’s mom, sister and dad in comparison to how much CM Punk knows about “extreme.” In front of his hometown and family, Punk is going to receive an extreme beating from him. Jericho, however, bought Punk a gift that he’ll present to Punk tonight. A gift that will help him cope with the failure he’s going to feel and the embarrassment of losing the title to Jericho.

We get a video package of Brock Lesnar’s first televised match, and it just happens to have a slicker headed Teddy Long and TNA’s Jeff Hardy getting his ass handed to him.

Back to the show, and Ace is in the backstage area on the phone with his mom, I’m sure. Eve is here. Ace says that he called her here and he has an opening in his administration that Eve may be interested. He’s looking for an Executive Administrator. She says that the key word here is “executive” and she’d be honored. Ace welcomes her and looks for a hug, but Eve extends her hand instead, and gives him the ol “Make it Nasty” eyes.

Yet again, we get the Brock Lesnar video interview.

Backstage, CM Punk is in the locker contemplating. Mathews comes in and wants to know what the gift was. Punk says that it was an extremely act of sarcasm from a desperate man. He brings out a basket full of booze, and I salivate. Punk says he’s never been gifted one of these before, so he’s excited. He said that this Sunday, however, he’s going to give Jericho a gift. He then hands the basket – with the exception of one Jack Daniel’s bottle – to Mathews and sends him out of the locker room.

According to the WWE, the “most loco” thing of the week was Cena’s loss to Lord Tensai.

R-Truth comes out for his match with Lord Tensai, and his manager, Little Jimmy, is out with him. Jimmy is wearing a fedora for some odd reason. We get a in-screen promo of Tensai speaking Japanese, which loosely translates to “I WILL BREAK YOU!!!”

Match 2: R-Truth (w/ Little Jimmy) vs. Lord Tensai (w/ Sakamoto)
Tensai with a knee, drops Truth then hits an elbow. Truth with a dropkick out of the corner, telegraphs a right and hits a few rights himself then goes for a heel kick, but Tensai stands. Truth moves out of the corner as Tensai misses a splash, but he fires off the ropes with a hit to the chest. Double underhook with a knee into a slam as the crowd chants Yes. Tensai lays Truth in the center of the ring and drops his back onto the gut of Truth. He screams in Truth’s face, and we get a Baldo Bomb. Instead of a pin, he calls for the mist. It’s here, and he claws Truth’s forehead, then slams Truth down and this is good enough for a pin 1…2…3
Winner: Lord Tensai (*1/2)
Nothing really wrong here, except that it was yet another squash match and Tensai is seemingly directionless.

Cole notes that the mist is “meant to cause problems in vision…in Japanese lore.” Thank you, Cole, for that astute reporting…

Kane is here, and he’s got a chilling message, it appears. He’ll be giving Orton a message, next.

Heeeerrreeee’s Kane-y!

This Sunday night is his favorite night of the year; it’s the night where the WWE gets extreme, and that means bad things for Orton. Orton found out at Wrestlemania, Orton couldn’t beat him WITH rules, much less without them. Kane knows what Orton is going through right now; he’s struggling with his humanity. Kane has discovered his one true weakness. Kane saw fear in his eyes as Orton realized his father was heat. As he watched Orton and Orton Sr. lay there, Kane became disappointed because he realized that Orton wasn’t a man, not the viper, he was nothing more than a scared little boy, crying out for his father, begging for the nightmare to end, praying that the monster will go away. Kane is the nightmare, he is the monster that Orton will never wake up from.

Here’s Orton, on the screen. He says to ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell him. Mess with his father, and there’s no turning back. When shit like this goes down, Orton gets revenge. The screen pans out, and Good ol Paul Bearer is roped up in a wheel chair. (OH YES! YES! YES!) Orton tells Kane to come backstage and get in on the fun. He opens a door behind him and there’s a bunch of steam inside. Orton pushes him inside and walks away, but Kane laughs it off in the ring. He says that the heart of a monster holds no place for his father. As far as he is concerned, his true father is the devil himself. Kane could care less what he does to Paul Bearer. He has no intention of saving him.

Orton figures Kane is right, so he comes running down and attacks Kane. Some hard rights are had before Orton sends Kane to the corner, then lifts up the apron. Hey look, a steel pipe. Pipe shot to the gut of Kane. Pipe shot to the back of Kane. One more to the head, knocking Kane over the barricade. Kane makes his exit quickly as Orton hops in the ring, calling for a fight.

King and Cole go over Edge’s promo in the beginning of the show.

Jericho, backstage, is stopped by Alex Riley. He says that Punk kicked him out of the locker room because Riley saw Punk drinking. Jericho thinks Riley is trying to pull a fast one on him. They head to his locker, and here’s Punk, on his phone, drinking from a red cup. Jericho is sneaky, though, so Punk doesn’t hear or see him watching doorside. Jericho loves this as we fade to black. Ok, we don’t really fade to anything.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced!!

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show and The Great Khali
Why are they allowing these two to team again?! We’re starting with Del Rio and Kjali, but Kjali asks for Rhodes specifically. Del Rio obliges and Rhodes is in the ring. Cody with a kick, but Khali catches and drops a hard right on Cody’s leg. Khali sends Cody to the ring and hits him hard, but Cody kicks. Khali hits the knee again, though, sending Cody to the outside. Cody is back in after talkin it up with Del Rio for a bit. He tags Del Rio quickly, and Del Rio slides under a kick and kicks the back leg of Khali. Khali blocks another hit, though and sends Del Rio to the corner. A hard chop takes us to commercial break.

We’re back, and Khali is reaching for a tag to Show. He gets it, and Show hits a few clothesline before sending Del Rio to the corner. Show runs to the ropes, and Cody pulls the ropes, sending Show over. Cody with a few kicks to Show’s knee, and Ricardo sneakily gets one in. haha. The ref turns around and starts to count Show out. The ref is at 6 before Show shows struggle to get in. He gets to eight and Show rolls in. Del Rio kicks Show in the head quickly then tags Rhodes in. Rhodes goes to the second rope and clips the knee of Show .He continues the attack and Show is selling it as the worst moment in his life. Del Rio is here and he gets sk e bkkts tk the face before dropping an elbow and pinning. Show powers out and Del Rio tags in Cody. Cody stomps the knee a bit and Cody tags Del Rio back in. Del Rio with an elbow drop to the knee, then he locks the leg and drops some rights. Show uses his other leg to get in a scissors then drops it on Del Rio’s head. Del Rio tags Cody and Show goes for the chokeslam, but Cody floats out and kicks the leg, then locks in the Figure Four. Show is struggling. Cody is locking it in hard. King calls the Figure Four the “most painful hold” he’s ever been in. Show reaches across and slaps Cody in the corner after while, but Cody reaches across and drops a knee. Pin for 2 as Show tosses him across the ring. Del Rio goes in and gets slapped in the chest. Cody is calling for the tag, but Del Rio decides he’s better than this. Show slaps Cody, cody turns into a chop from Khali, and Show calls for the chokeslam. He hits it and pins for 1….2…3!!
Winner: The Big Show and The Great Khali (**)
Glad Khali wasn’t in the match long. It was a bit faster paced than their Mania match, but it’s a damned shame Cody is still stuck in this feud.

We are informed that The Miz and Santino Marella will have a match on a pre-show for Extreme Rules… via YouTube. I have no words.

Jericho is in the back with Ace, Long and Eve. He tells Ace that Punk is drinking, and as a result, they need to strip him of the title. Eve says that she has done some research, and CM Punk is actually in violation, considering the WWE has a policy which declares that no WWE Superstar can drink within 12 hrs before any live event. Jericho thinks that Ace should have a live Field Sobriety Test, put in place by cops that are already in the arena. Jericho leaves, and Ace wants to know what’s wrong with Teddy. Eve claims that Teddy tends to shy away from the rules. Teddy asks Ace if he’s going to publicly embarrass CM Punk like that? He says no, Teddy is.

Brock Lesnar is in the building! Mathews comes up and wants to know where he’s been. Brock doesn’t answer. Mathews asks if Brock is confident about being the face of WWE still, should he lose. Brock chokes Mathews against a truck, then releases and pats his chest a bit. Mathews smarts off saying, “I was just trying to do my job” in an undertone, but Brock hears and tosses him into some shit. haha.

Back to the show, and they’re giving Mathews the stretcher job.

The Bellas are here, stretching in the ring, and y they have shiny camel toes. Nikki gets a match tonight for the WWE Divas Championship. If you recall, Nikki “earned” this match from three weeks ago when Beth took on Nikki and lost to Nikki.

Before the match begins, Even comes out with the microphone. As newly appointed Executive Administrator, it is now her responsibilty to improve the shows. Considering the Bella’s tendancy to cheat, and the fact that there are plenty of Divas not doing a damned thing, Ace has okayed this match to be a Lumberjack match! I eagerly watch the line of Divas come out, get growingly excited, then immediately crushed as AJ is nowhere to be seen. :(

Match 4: WWE Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella vs. Beth Pheonix
Beeth tosses Nikki before grabbing the hair and doing it again. Niki hits a dropkick then a monkey flip. NIkki grabns Beth, but Beth lifts her up and sends her to the corner. She hits a few right s in the gut then flies right into a back eblow from Nikki. Nikki to the 2nd rope but Beth hits a gorilla press then kicks Nikki a few times. Beth chokes up Nikki on the ropes then drops a leg to the back of Nikki. Pin for 1…2..NO! From behind, Beth with a chin lock. Beth with a backbreaker then a pin for 1…2..NO! Beth pulls the arms of Nikki from behind rather roughly. Nikki powers out with an elbow but Beth sets up for a Glam Slam. Nikki runs forward, Beth hits the ropes face first. Nikki with a pin for 1…2…NO! Nikki is sent to the outside! Beth comes out of the ring then lands on her ankle wrong and twerks it a bit. She lifts up Nikki, so Brie is here to lock up with Beth. They fight it up a bit before all the ladies come and grab Beth. Both women are tossed back in the ring. Beth is hurt as the ref asks if she can continue. Nikki rolls her up and wins the championship. Those outfits…
Winner and NEW WWE DIVAS Champion: Nikki Bella (*1/2)
Interesting turn of events here as Beth sells the pain to her ankle quite a bit. I hope she’s alright.

Teddy is in the locker room with Punk. Teddy has told Punk what’s going to happen. Punk tells Teddy that this is nonsense and says what’s going to happen next is he’s going to trip out. He does his best “I’m not drunk, occifer” impression then tosses some stuff around. I smell a ploy…

We’re back, and Teddy Long is in the middle of the ring with two cops. Before he comes down, though, Jericho comes out with the mic. He says that anytime Teddy is in a position of power, he is incompetent, so he’s going to make sure this is done right. Punk’s music hits and he comes out a bit awkwardly. He goes to the corner and hops onto the turbuckle, hands the mic to one of the cops, and raises his belt in the air. He stands in the ring, drops his belt, then waves to the fans. He says this entire thing is ridiculous and Jericho isn’t even cool. Everyone knows this is ridiculous. He says the entire WWF knows this is riduclous. Officer Taylor asks CM Punk to recite the alphabet…backwards. Punk puts his gum on one of the ringposts, then starts. He wants to know if anyone in the history of alphabet reciting has done it backwards. He starts with Z, messes up immediately by saying X then Y, then says there’s a V in there somewhere. He calls this stupid. I’m hard pressed to disagree.

Long says that there’s more than one test. Officer Taylor asks Punk to walk the straight line in the middle of the ring. Punk wants to know which line, because he didn’t see it “the line is never there!” He mocks The Karate Kid before stumbling a bit and says he can’t concentrate with Jericho. When people get pulled over, there’s not some jerk screaming at him. Punk doesn’t make it halfway before wanting to start over. He says he’s going to do this one more time.

Jericho points out the seemingly obvious, CM Punk is drunk. Just like Ace said, Punk must be stripped of the title and hand it to Jericho. Long asks the officer what his final opinion is about this man. Officer Other Dude says he is obviously intoxicated. Teddy thanks them and Jericho does, too, claiming that Punk is obviously drunk. Teddy Long tries to get Punk’s attention. Longasks Punk to hand over the WWE Title. Jericho smiles. Punk looks at the title, stalls for a bit, then hands it to Teddy Long. Jericho wants it. Punk asks for one more chance. Jericho mockingly asks the crowd. Punk stands middle ring and does the alphabet backwards. He continues while walking down the red line perfectly, back and forth. When he gets to A, he clocks Jericho over the head and whips his ass quite a bit. He rolls off and goes to the outside, following Jericho. He sends Jericho into the barricade and into the steps. Jericho tries to run but Punk clocks Jericho in the back of the head and mounts his back, dropping some forearms to the face of Jericho. Jericho makes his way off to the side as Punk stands atop the ramp. Teddy is here with his belt and hands it to Punk. Punk stands, with the belt in his hand, and smiles.

Backstage, Ace is scowling as Eve portrays her negativity with confusion.

Another video package of Brock, this time the match with Hulk Hogan is highlighted.

Match 5: Special Guest Referee: Daniel Bryan
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Didn’t these two fight at Extreme Rules last year? Per Mr. John Laurinaitis, there will be a special guest referee…Daniel Bryan.

Lockup to start and Henry tries to power Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus is able to prevent that. mark Henry with a side headlock, sends Sheamus to the ropes, hits a shoulderblock and lifts Sheamus up. Sheamus floats over and hits some rights. Henry goes for a corner splash, but Sheamus kicks him and goes o the attack. Henry reverses and foes for a right, but Sheamus ducks and gets some rights in again. Bryan pulls Sheamus back. Sheamus gets in his face and Bryan tries to coax him into hitting him. Sheamus warns him as Bryan points at his chin. Sheamuas turns around and is hit by Henry, knocked to the match. Bryan with the fast count. 1.2.3.
Winner: Mark Henry (*)

Bryan takes off the ref shirt and tosses it to Sheamus. Sheamus runs down and grabs Bryan, tossing him in the ring. Sheamus runs in, hits the Brogue kick on Mark Henry and goes to attack Bryan. Bryan clips the leg of Sheamus, though, and kicks Sheamus in the head! He locks in the LaBell YES! Lock! He screams YES! Holds it in for a while, then leaves the ring.

Backstage, Sheamus is walking. he’s stopped by Matt Striker! Haha. He wants to know what Sheamus’ thoughts are at what went down. Sheamus says that Bryan is a coward. All Bryan did was act like a snake in the grass. Funny enough, Sheamus wants to know if we’re aware of what went down with the snakes in Ireland. He says he’s no saint, but Bryan better start praying.

Match 6: Epico and Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs. Zack Ryder and Santino Marella
Epico and Ryder to start. Side headlock from Epico. Ryder drags him off, hits another arm drag, goes for a sethird, but Epico moves and rollss him up for 1…2..NO! Ryder with another arm drag and twerks the arm. Wrist lock from behind then sends Epico to the ropes, tossing him over. Broski Boot as the crowd chants LET’S GO RYDER, WOO WOO WOO! Ryder misses the kick as Primo pulls Epico off. Both men attack Ryder then send him back inside. Epico with a pin for 1. Epico seds Ryder to the corner, stomps him, then tags in Primo. Primo with a snapmare and a stomp to the face. The crowd chants again. Primo with a chin lock. Ryder turns into it and hits some gut shots. Sunset flip for a pin and Ryder gets two, only for Primo to lock in a chin lock again. A right to the head of Ryder then a body slam. Primo calls for the end, hits the ropes and goes for a whisper in the wind type move, but misses/ Ryder tags Santino. Santino blocks a right then gets some of his own. Whip into arm drag and Santino with a headbutt. He calls for the Cobra! Here he is. He is about to hit it but Epico flies in, hits the ropes and Ryder struggles a bit to get him over. Santino turns and Primo tries to attack, only for Santino to deflect and hit the Cobra! Pin for 1…2…3!!
Winner: Santino and Zack Ryder (**)
Had it’s moments between Ryder and Epico, but got somewhat generic once Santino came in.

Kane is in the back, holding his midsection. He looks around before we see that he’s actually in front of the door where Paul Bearer is. It appears to be a freezer. Kane opens it and pulls out Bearer. Bearer claims that he came to save him. Kane then says that yes, he’s here to save Paul…for him! He thne puts him back in the freezer, and locks the door.

Backstage, Epico and Primo are arguing over why they lost. Here’s Abraham Washington, trying to talk to them about horrible representation. They’re treated like jokes, and why? He hands them his card and says to give him a call. They think about it as we head to our next match, which is proudly presented by “Doritos Locos Tacos”

Hornswoggle comes out in a red tracksuit of his own and dances along with Brodus. Hornswoggle, arguably, has more rhythm than Brodus.

Match 7: Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger
Brodus and Dolph to start. Dolph gets on his kneees and asks that Hornswoggle enters. Hornswoggle is ok with it. Brodus tags Horny in. Hornswoggle runs and kicks Dolph then jiggles a bit for the crowd. Dolph kicks Horny down, then slaps him around a bit before pulling him up over his shoulders, and Hornswoggle with a hurricanrana. Dolph tags in Swagger. Horny tags in Brodus. Brodus with a clothesline. He sends Swagger in the corner. Splashes him! Dolph is in and recives a headbutt for his troubles! Brodus hits a T-Bone suplex then is about to splash but Vickie runs in and slaps him. This gets the DQ.
Winner: Hornswoggle and Brodus Clay (NR)
This, and what followed, wasn’t all that great considering Ziggler and Swagger were treated as afterthoughts.

Vickie then backs up into Hornswoggle, then the ladies enter the ring. Vickie calls for a time out the ngrabs the nearby ha fro mBrodus. She puts it on Brodus and looks like she’s about to dance. She does the dino claws, but Hornswoggle bites her in the ass, sending her outside the ring.

One more preview of Brock , this time beating Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania XIX, sans the SSP botch. It’s somewhat poetic that Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle are the players in the videos tonight. I know, they’re more of a coincidence than on purpose, but still interesting to note.

After the break, we get – for the second time tonight – the Brock Lesnar interview video package…in its entirety. Geez, guys, really?

The Acester is out and says that he excited about the main event of the first ppv of the new era, the People’s era. Before the contract signing, he wants to first introduce the new face of the WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Brock is out, and Ace announces the presence of Cena. The crowd isn’t behind the guy much, but it doesn’t matter because Cena doesn’t come out. Brock is in the middle of the ring as the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants start. Brock and Ace look confused. Brock on the mic

Come on out, little Johnny, he says. He then turns to Ace saying that he flew Brock all the way to Detroit for a contract signing, and Cena doesn’t show up? Obviously, Cena is too scared to come out. To explain to Ace as to why he came here tonight, late, h wants to discuss with Ace why he was late. He tells Ace to take a seat, and Brock pulls out a small stack of paper from his back pocket. He says he looked over his contract, and he wants some changes today. There is supposed to be a match on Sunday, but since he’s been back, he’s not too happy with the way things have been going. He has a few demands – requests, and he brought a copy of his changes. He wants these changes before Sunday, if Ace expects him to sign this contract for the match. He is not the same little naive farm boy that was here eight years ago, and since he is not the naive farmboy, he is the enterprise. He IS WWE. This company NEEDS Brock Lesnar. The Cena chants are positive, now. Brock claims that #1 is that any thought that goes through Ace’s mind about anything will first be ran by Lesnar. Since all major decisions go through him, he is requesting the private jet to and from the venue. Everybody wants the jet…

Lesnar says that what makes him happy is beating people up, and he did that earlier today. There’s one thing he doesn’t like…that’s people, especially stupid people. Another thing, he’ll show up on RAW when he wants and how he wants. He’s not Ace’s little puppet, it’s not going to happen. Another thing, Ace is out here fining people, there won’t be any fining to Brock Lesnar, in fgact, he wants more money. until these demands are met, this match on Sunday is not happening. The crowd chants YOU SUCK. Brock says one more thing….Section III – Exhibit A, If he is the face of Monday Night, then there needs to be a name change. It will no longer be Monday Night Raw, it will now be Monday Night Raw, Starring Brock Lesnar. Ace extends his hand, and Brock asks if he agrees. Ace nods. Brock wants him to tell everyone that he agrees to these terms. Ace does. Now that Brock got what he wanted, Brock will sign the contract for this Sunday’s match. He signs as the crowd chants heavily for Cena.

Here comes Cena. The chants divide again, as the man stands in the ring. He’s got a chain wrapped around his fist. Brock holds his fists up while sitting. Cena looks over his contract as Brock scoots in. Cena looks to Ace, then to Brock, scowl on his face. Brock stands, inching towards the table, beckoning for Cena to sign. Cena flips the page over, eying the signature line. He drops the pen, backs up a bit and stands as the crowd chants (and boos) for Cena. Brock grabs the mic. He wants to know what’s the matter. He tells Cena sign the contract. Ace tries to help and Cena pulls his arm back. Brock says that as Cena stands, he feels the vibration coming from him and he likes it. He is sensing that this real. He can feel it. Cena is scared. Brock is the reason Cena lost last week, and the reason Cena feels the way he does. Cena signs hurridly, then gets ready to strike. Brock flips the table over, laughs, then tosses the mic to Cena. Brock is all smiles as they circle the table. Brock leaves the ring to some boos, and we end the show.

Credit: Tony Acero

What Happened *AFTER* RAW Ended – HUGE SEGMENT w/ DAVE BATISTA!!!!…..