CM Punk said that he hated his match with Daniel Bryan on Raw last night. Lance Storm initially posted to his twitter that the non-title match was a “great wrestling match tonight.”

After Punk replied to him with “I hated it”, Storm told him to “watch the Otunga match back and re-evaluate.”

CM Punk continued to be active on Twitter last night. When someone asked the WWE Champion when he planned to retire, Punk noted that it would be “way sooner than you think.”

He also commented on some fans talking about how he was “selling out” by appearing on the cover of WWE ’13, saying:

I enjoy people’s opinions on my”selling out” for various reason. As if I’m supposed to feel guilt for being successful. Hard work. No shortcuts.

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

I remember people in Chicago being pissed at the fact I worked two shows in the same day. People who couldn’t do what i do.

When you want something, you go after it. When you work harder than everybody else, you get it.

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