— Here is the preview for tonight’s LIVE edition of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling, which has a new start time of 8PM ET…

* The show will open up with Bobby Rode vs. Sting in a lumberjack match.

* TV champion Devon will make his weekly TV Title defense against one of four potential opponents decided by a vote on TNA’s website leading up to the show.

* According to yesterday’s press release, the format of Impact will begin to take on a new look and feel. TNA is advertising more segments “pulling back the curtain,” attempting to offer unscripted television. There will also be an added emphasis on social media.

* TNA president Dixie Carter will introduce Brooke Hogan as the new person in charge of the Knockouts.

* Dixie Carter has also teased anther big announcement for the show.

* The show will have the Gut Check deliberations following Joey Ryan’s try-out on last week’s Impact episode.

* TNA will continue the build to Slammiversary.

— Here is the latest edition of the TNA Spin Cycle, featuring Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Eric Young & SoCal Val…

Dixie Carter’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Tonight Is ……….. ???!!!