Credit: Larry Csonka

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Austin Aries © vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin

Ion fixes his hair, and then climbs, Aries and Sabin watch and then pull him down and the beating begins. Ion to the floor, and Aries and Sabin both try for their finishers, lots of counters and Aries finally takes control and looks to climb. Ion back in, facebuster to Aries and now Ion climbs. Sabin stops that, sidekick by Sabin and then a sweet tornado DDT. Ion back to the floor, and he climbs. Aries up top with him, and a fun fact, this is Chris Sabin’s 15th Ultimate X Match. Sabin sends Aries to the mat, forearms follow and now Sabin climbs again. Aries tries o pull him off the cables, does and slams him to the corner in a DVD fashion, airplane spin and drops Sabin to the mat. Aries looks to climb, but Sabin knocks him off. Stun gun by Aries, slingshot senton and then Ion back in. Sends Ion to the floor and then tosses Sabin onto Ion. Aries sets, and gets the heat-seeking missile! Aries now climbs for the title. Aries almost to the middle, Ion in and grabs a foot and pulls him off. They trade shots, Ion with a boot to the face. Up top and looks to climb. Aries follows and Sabin over and Aries is knocked to the mat. Aries sends Sabin to the floor, and climbs to stop Ion. He slams Ion into the metal rigging and now he goes across the cable. Ion up to stop him, and Aries with a TOP ROPE RANA~! Corner dropkick and BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAA~! Aries now climbs, almost across and grabs the belt and wins.

Sabin may be hurt as he is still down, possibly hurt a knee as he was oddly out for a lot of the ending sequence. The replay shows his knee seemed to buckle underneath him.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 7:00

-Aries says he came to TNA and made big claims almost a year ago. He said he could defeat anyone and that he was pound for pound the best in wrestling. He said he was the greatest man that ever lived, and they gave him an inch he took a yard, and then a mile. He knocked it all out of the park. It doesn’t matter what match he is in, he is always the main event and always must see TV. But he is not satisfied with the X-Title, and he is here to take respect.

Hulk Hogan now makes his way out to the ring.

Back from the commercial and Aries and Hogan are in the ring. Hogan says he hears the crowd, and says he hears it when Aries comes out to the ring. But for him to come out week after week and say he is the main event, that is a tall order. Well, he knows that he knows about Hogan’s career, and Hogan has been there and done that. He knows what it is like to be the main event and break all the records. Hogan then says that the one thing he never did was get the Goosebumps he got when he sees Aries wrestle. Aries has taken it to another level and he says that Aries is the greatest thing he has ever seen in this ring. Aries then says he wants to be the man and the main event. Hogan says he is the GM, and if Aries wants to be the main event, Hogan can make it happen at Destination X. Hogan will book the world champion against Aries at the PPV, only if Aries gives up the X-Division title, because he cannot have one man holding two titles. If he wins at Destination X, he is the world champion, if he loses, he walks away with nothing. Hogan says he believes, the fans believe, and they know he can do it. Aries says he busted his ass for the title, and now has to hand it over. Hogan says he can become the world champion ad become greatness in one night. He tells Aries to prove it and has one week to make his decision, and Aries says fair enough.

-We get video clips from Slammiversary.

-Still to come, we will hear from Sting.

-We see Joe Park in catering discussing his victory at Slammiversary. People bail as Bully Ray appears. Ray asks where Abyss is. Park says he last saw him putting Ray through a table at the PPV. Ray then says he will not rest until he finds Abyss.

TV Title Match: Devon © vs. Hernandez

Before the bell could sound Hernandez hit the BIG dive onto Devon. Bell rings, in the ring and Hernandez covers for 2. To the corner, Hernandez misses a charge, and then clotheslines Devon. Devon fires up, rights follow and he runs into a back elbow and cover for 2 by Hernandez. Bear hug by Hernandez, Devon tries to battle out, does and delivers rights to Hernandez. Cops by Hernandez, but a spear by Devon takes him down. To their feet, they trade rights but Devon back with the neck breaker. Diving head butt connects and Devon gets the crowd fired up. Corner splash connects, but hen runs into a big shoulder block by for 2. To the corner, Devon eats a boot, Hernandez up top and slips on his way to the top and then gets a shoulder block for 2. Off the ropes and Hernandez runs into the spinebuster, and Devon gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Devon @ 4:00 via pin

-Highlights of Daniels confronting Dixie Carter regarding their secret last week.

-Backstage we see AJ telling Dixie that he cannot do this anymore. He says if they keep the secret, Daniels and Kaz have more ammunition. AJ says that they have to get this out in the open. Dixie says they need to talk later tonight, and tells AJ to keep his head in the match for tonight.

How to Get Points
Points are determined by wins and losses – how you win is equally as important!

Submission Victory – 10 points
Pinfall Victory – 7 points
Countout Victory – 5 points
Disqualification Victory – 3 points
Draw (Time Limit/Double Countout/Double Disqualification) – Two points
Disqualification Lose – you LOSE 10 points

The Type of Matches
Each wrestler will battle each other ONCE in the series! These matches will take place over IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV and on TNA’s live event tours across the country, with the point structure outlined above.

Standings and How to Win!
The standings will be updated on The standings will be “locked” on the September 6 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV. The top point leaders advance to No Surrender PPV (9/9) for a one-night playoff to see who gets the Bound For Glory World Title Match!

-The 12-men for the BFG series will be announced in this gauntlet match.

-The winner of the match will get 20 points.

Bound For Glory Series Gauntlet Match

#1 is AJ Styles. #2 is Jeff Hardy. And here we go, a new man in every 90-seconds. Lock up, off the ropes and AJ with the dropkick combo to begin things. Slams Jeff to the corner, and tries to toss him, but Jeff fights back and hits a dropkick of his own. #3 is RVD. Jeff tries to toss AJ, he fights back as RVD takes his time getting to the ring. RVD on fore with kicks to both men. Big monkey flip to AJ, and then rolling thunder to Jeff. We head to a commercial @ 2:00.

Back from commercial @ 6:00, and Magnus and Bully Ray have joined the action. Ray is actually making his way to the ring as we speak, and AJ and Magnus battle along the ropes. Ray starts to work over Jeff as he enters, and then attacks RVD. Ray tries to toss AJ, but Magnus stops that.#6 is Kurt Angle. Angle jogs to the ring and hits a German on Magnus. One for Jeff. Rights to Ray, and he beats Ray down in the corner. AJ and RVD battle in a corner, AJ almost tossed by saves himself. Ray stops an elimination try by Angle. Ray now attacks Magnus, and the time runs down, and #7 is The Pope D’Angelo Dinero is back! According to commentary, Pope has a role in The Dark Knight Rises. Ray tries to toss Jeff, and does after a big boot. Ray starts to unload on anything moving, and we see ABYSS from under the ring. They all stop and point to Abyss, who eliminates Ray! We head to another commercial @ 11:00.

Back from commercial @ 14:00, and Robbie E came in at #8. RVD gets tossed in a corner scrum. #9 is Daniels. AJ hits the Superman forearm as Daniels enters. AJ runs into Angle, and gets eliminated. Daniels then eliminates Angle from the match. The clock runs down again and #10 is Samoa Joe. Joe rushes the ring and starts to hit anyone that moves. Robbie E steps up and Joe grabs him by the hair and tosses him. Daniels attacks Joe, Pope tries to help and Magnus puts a stop to that. Chops by Joe to Magnus. They stand off and start to trade rights. Big boot by Magnus, charges Joe, who low bridges him and Magnus is gone. Joe smiles at him, and then Daniels attacks Joe again. #11 is James Storm. Storm hits the ring and tosses Pope. Rights to Daniels, and a big backdrop for him. Lung blower, and then the superkick is stopped, but Storm eliminates Daniels with a clothesline. Down to Storm and Joe right now, and they trade rights. Apparently we are only getting 11 guys, s the loser of the world title match later tonight will be the 12th man. Storm skins the cat, tries to toss Joe and then Joe gets the clutch from the apron. Storm escapes and superkicks Joe to the floor to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 20:00

-James Storm earns 20-points and has the early lead in the Bound For Glory Series.

-Storm grabs the mic and says that when he was on Impact last, he thought his luck ran out. He spent time with his family and on his farm, which he built with blood, sweat and tears, just like his wrestling career. He said his home would tell him when t was time, and when his daughter asked if he was going back to wrestling. He knows what wrestling means to him, but he didn’t know what it meant to her. And now that he is back, he didn’t know what he meant to the fans until he came out at Slammiversary. He made a promise to himself and his little girl and now to the fans. He came back to be the champion, and he will be the champion. Bobby Roode, listen, Storm hopes and prays that Roode is the champion when the series is over, because that will be a bonus to whooping his ass. Sorry about your damn luck.

-Backstage Roode says he is not concerned that Storm is back. Storm is back, and we all know why, because he is jealous of Roode. If Storm wants to come back and take the title, that’s fine. He will face him one day. But tonight, he has to beat an asshole.

-AJ and Angle are backstage. Angle is pissed that AJ kicked him in the head and he was out of the game last week and at he PPV. Angle says to get Daniels and Kaz out of his head. Get the shit out of your head man! Angle says to get straight and to forget about Dixie, because he doesn’t want to lose the tag titles. They hug it out.

-We see Miss Tessmacher winning the Knockouts Title at Slammiversary.

Non-Title Match: Miss Tessmacher © vs. Madison Rayne

And here we go. Non-title match they say. Rayne takes Tessmacher to the corner, charges in and eats a boot. Tries again and Rayne slams Tessmacher to the mat. Rayne yells at her, slams her to a corner and then chokes her out. Corner splash connects, and then slams Tessmacher down by the hair. Rayne covers for 2. She yells at the ref, and then shoots Tessmacher off the ropes, counter and battles back with forearms. Clotheslines follow, and then a flying forearm. To the corner, and a facebuster by Tessmacher, and a cover gets 2. Facebuster finisher countered by Rayne, and Tessmacher is able to fight back and gets a side effect for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Miss Tessmacher @ 3:00 via pin

-Brooke Hogan meets with Gail Kim. Next week is Open Fight Night, and when Brooke discusses a four-way bout, Kim gets pissed. Kim says Brooke is getting her feet wet, and says that she has a rematch clause. Brooke says it doesn’t say when, and that she gets to decide that. Since Kim doesn’t want to be a part of open fight night, she can enjoy her vacation.

-We see clips of Anderson winning his title shot at Slammiversary. Anderson says he will introduce himself and beat Roode’s ass for the tile tonight.

-We see clips of Sting vs. Roode from Slammiversary.

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode © vs. Mr. Anderson

Lock up to begin, off the ropes and a clothesline by Anderson. To the corner and another clothesline by Anderson. Roode tries to battle back, eats another clothesline and tries to roll to the floor. Anderson suplexes him back in and covers for 2. Roode tosses Anderson to the floor, but misses a slingshot dive. Anderson whips Roode to the steps, and we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

Back form commercial @ 6:00 as Roode works a headlock on the mat. Anderson works to get to his feet, rolls up Roode for 2. Backslide by Anderson gets 2. Elbow and a neck breaker by Roode and a cover gets 2. Roode continues to keep the advantage with a rear chinlock, front facelock now as Anderson works to his feet. Roode works a neck crank now, Anderson fights out and they trade rights. Boot by Roode, lams Anderson to the corner, but he blocks that and whips Roode to the opposite corner. Clothesline by Anderson. Neck breaker follows and Anderson sets, kamikaze roll countered, and Anderson with the trouble in paradise kick. Roode counters the mic check into the cross face. Anderson escapes, gets the kamikaze roll and covers for 2. Roode battles back, works the shoulder, slams Anderson shoulder first into the corner now and then locks in the cross face again. Anderson struggles, and he has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 11:00 via submission

-AJ and Dixie talk backstage, and they agree to come clean next week. AJ says this is effecting hi matches, his home life and everything. Next week they come clean. They hug it out.

-Another highlight from Slammiversary, Sting going into the TNA Hall of Fame.

-Next week Open Fight Night returns, and will be a part of the BFG Series. Also, the Gut Check challenge is back. On top of that, Austin Aries will make his decision on whether or not he will give up his X-Division Title for a World Title shot at Destination X. Also, Miss Tessmacher will defense the Knockouts Title. Plus, AJ Styles and Dixie Carter will come clean in regards to the secret that they have been hiding.

-Jeremy Borash introduces the first TNA Hall of Fame member, Sting. We get to see his Hall of Fame video package, including comments from the TNA roster.

Sting makes his way to the ring, and he says that Slammoversary was a great night in his career. He mentions losing to Roode, but says that he had one goal, and that was to take a chunk out of Roode’s backside and he did. But to be the first inductee into the TNA hall of fame meant a lot to him. The crowd chants that he deserves it, and Sting says that there are so many others that deserve the honor. So he wants to say thank you to Jerry and Jeff Jarrett for starting TNA. He thanks Dixie Carter, but as he does a group of three masked men attack him! They beat Sting down and choke him out with a chain. Crowd chants for Hogan as Sting gets an ass beating as we fade to black…

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