WWE NXT (Airing Wednesday):

Matt Striker and Josh Mathews came out for announcing on NXT. Regal is probably tied up with FCW stuff.

* Tyler Reks beat Jimmy Uso. Decent match. Reks managed to get some heat despite his lack of TV time. My wife went nuts for him, as she has a crush for him.

* Percy Watson beat JTG. Good match, but Watson really needs to change up his moveset some. JTG had some nice brawling sequences. The crowd still thinks JTG is a babyface – there was actually a huge “JTG” chant – and Watson got heat because he was against JTG. My wife immediately hated Watson, because she still remembers his glasses gimmick and attitude from NXT 2.

* Tamina Snuka beat Natalya. Natalya had a totally new wardrobe, including a cape. It looks like she raided Maryse’s closet. It’s more of a “black widow” look for her. The crowd started off pro-Natalya, but rallied behind Snuka. Snuka won with the Superfly Splash. I’ve seen better matches from both Snuka and Natalya.

* Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel beat Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis in a Tag Team match. This was “match of the week” for sure. Excellent, excellent match. Slater kept some of his faster moves (like the snap powerslam from the turnbuckle) in the arsenal, Curtis used the top rope leg drop, and the athleticism was top-notch. Gabriel got a lot more ring time than he did last week. Gabriel and Kidd won with a Hart Attack.

* Lilian Garcia came out to sing the National Anthem. Somehow, I’ve never heard her sing it live even though I’ve been to lots of tapings. As a high school student, I took Air Force Junior ROTC and I was in the Civil Air Patrol, and did color guard for both; I’ve heard this song probably hundreds of times, and none evoked emotion like Garcia did, I was near tears. Incidentally, she grew up around Columbia (my wife even went to the same high school she did) and she’s a huge crowd favorite. Of note, they taped her doing the anthem, is that normal?

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