— Brock Lesnar is being advertised for August 13th WWE RAW Supershow, the week before SummerSlam. At this time, that is the only RAW event that Lesnar is advertised for. It is very likely that Paul Heyman will continue to appear on WWE television as his “representative” to keep the storyline going and to also not run through Lesnar’s dates too quickly. Despite Paul Heyman saying “no” to a match between Lesnar and Triple H, the match will headline the SummerSlam pay-per-view. This is obviously a way for WWE to keep the angle going for the next few months.

— The June 15 episode of WWE Vintage Collection featured the following matches: Cruiserweight Battle Royal (WWE Velocity – October 8, 2005), Fuerza Guerrera, Louie Spicolli and Psychosis vs. Heavy Metal, Latin Lover and Rey Mysterio (AAA When Worlds Collide – November 6, 1994), 1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi (WWF Monday Night Raw – November 20, 1995), Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore (WWE Smackdown – June 26, 2003), Juventud Guerrera vs. Nunzio (WWE No Mercy – October 9, 2005).

— Aksana is today’s featured Superstar on WWE.com.

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