Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Many in TNA were very happy today about Sunday night’s Destination X PPV, particularly the main event and the Last Man Standing match.

— TNA management was not happy with the crowd reactions at the pay-per-view. There were said to be many more tourists in the building than what there normally is. For those wondering, those inside the park (tourists) are let into the arena first and then all the remaining seats are given to “regular” fans.

— The reason TNA didn’t bring any Luchadors in for the X-Divison tournament is because TNA does not have a working agreement with AAA and AAA has a deal with Steven Ship of Lucha Libre USA that prevents AAA from running shows or having their talent appear in the U.S.

— Some of the new X-Division names are expected to return to TNA in the near future.

BREAKING NEWS: A Top TNA Talent *QUITS* The Company Last Night Due To Major Backstage Politics *(>>)*!!!