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Charlie Sheen is about to give nearly 8 million people a giant kiss-off — he’s shutting down his Twitter account … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the former warlock say @charliesheen will close up shop within days, or possibly mere hours … because Charlie feels like he’s not getting anything out of the social network. No offense to his 7,707,791 followers, we’re sure.

Charlie started his Twitter page on March 1, 2011 — back in his crazed “winning” days — and attracted more than a million true believers in 48 hours. For the record … his first tweet was a pic of Charlie with his then-goddess Bree Olsen.

What will his last tweet be? Stay tuned … has been hyping that Charlie Sheen will be the ‘Social Media Ambassador’ of the 1,000th edition of WWE RAW. He currently has over 7 million followers. WWE can’t be pleased with this. LOSING!

100% LINK (*PICS*): Hulk Hogan *HANGING OUT* With Charlie Sheen! **WINNING**?!?