— Chuck Palumbo has stated he has no desire to return to WWE. Palumbo, who is currently running a Cross Fit gym and a bike shop as well as playing in the band 3SpokeWheel, tweeted the following this week: I really appreciate you guys wanting me to come back and wrestle for @wwe i just don’t have the desire.. Thanks for the support!!!

— As noted earlier here on the website, Yoshi Tatsu is said to be much better at English than he is portrayed on TV. A friend of Tatsu says he began taking English lessons as soon as he signed a contract the company in 2009 and is constantly working on it. Tatsu is apparently perfectly capable of carrying on easily-understood conversations in English, is a very hard worker and will do whatever WWE asks of him.

— Dolph Ziggler’s younger brother, Briley Pierce, is currently working as a TV interviewer at FCW.

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