TMZ reports that Andy Slocum, who performed as Jackson Andrews for WWE, has been dumped by his fiancée in Texas after news broke of his altercation with current fiancée Rosa Mendes.

Mendes named Slocum in a police report in which she claims he beat her up on multiple occasions in their Las Vegas home. His OTHER fiancée, Amber Stovall, thought she was exclusively engaged to him after dating him for four and a half years. The two shared a home in Houston and have two bulldogs.

She said: “I was not aware of his double life with Rosa. I’m incredibly angry and I feel betrayed. I was blindsided by the TMZ story. He had just flown me out to Vegas the weekend after July 4th and we made plans for him to return home to Houston at the end of August.”

Mendes was in Texas on the weekend of July 4, when he flew Stovall to Vegas.

Stovall, however, says that Slocum was never violent with her. She said: “He’s never even raised his voice to me. He has not reached out to me despite my efforts to contact him since I found out about Rosa. So as of today, I have cut off all joint accounts which includes his cell phone.”

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