WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog online. Check out some highlights below:

On Jerry Lawler: “The King is quickly recovering from the major heart attack that he suffered Monday night during Raw in Montreal. I saw a photo of him and he looks great especially his flowing, DARK locks. I know that Jerry is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that he has received since his near death experience. We’ve come along way since Monday night when we were shocked at what we heard Michael Cole report and then trying to force the worse case scenario out of our thoughts. There’ s no doubt in my mind that Jerry will return to WWE broadcasting sooner than later plus I have no question that the King will also likely return to the ring if he chooses. His cardiologist feels that Jerry wrestling again is very doable. Thanks to all that had such great feedback to my previous blog which is still available here on our site where I spoke of my relationship with Jerry. I hope that you will read it if you missed it. ”

On Jon Jones: “Nice bonus for UFC ‘s Jon ‘Bones’ Jones to get a shiny, new Bentley from UFC management that Jones, unfortunately, crashed while driving while impaired. Jones is amazingly gifted and has the opportunity to earn life changing money over his UFC career but, like many young, gifted athletes, has to begin making more mature, smart decisions. Point is that all pro sports teams and franchises in the future are going to have to invest more time in mentoring, motivating, and educating their young athletes because today’s generation of younger people in general are, seemingly, more defiant, entitled and blessed with less common sense than many of their predecessors. World class athletes, which is what it generally takes to ‘win’ are often times spoiled long before they reach the ‘big time.’ This theory holds true for major college sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, etc. Every entity must have a strong in house support system in place to better manage their stars which extends said stars shelf life and makes them more productive.”

On Bret Hart being at Raw: “Speaking of young talents, I wonder how many young talents Monday afternoon in Montreal pulled Bret Hart aside to pick his brain or if nothing else to simply say “thanks for what you’ve meant to our business?””

On CM Punk vs John Cena at Night of Champions: “CM Punk has been battling for ‘respect’ within the business of sports entertainment for years and I know on a personal level that it bothers him when the respect that the WWE Champions seeks is not there. Sunday in Boston, I expect to see a driven, mentally and physically tough WWE Champion essentially travel to challenger John Cena’s backyard to defend the coveted WWE Title. I expect a demanding match where both men will challenge the other as they have never done before. It’s been an emotional week in WWE in case you haven’t noticed. The closing segment of Raw Monday night was pretty damned amazing in my perspective for many reasons. I felt the intensity and, as a fan, I liked it. I’m guessing that, as usual, Cena will have his naysayers in his hometown of Boston and I think, if that assumption is accurate, that atmosphere will drive Cena. Will it drive Cena enough to leave with the WWE Title? Don’t discount the Heyman Hustle element that could come into play as Paul Heyman, whether he would admit it or not, has something to prove in his mind’s eye with his return to a business that he deeply impacted at one point in his life. Heyman isn’t just passing through town to collect a few checks although he isn’t working for free. At the end of the day, Heyman has the chance to create a new legacy to go with what he’s already established.”

On TNA mentioning Lawler: “Classy of Mike Tenay to wish Jerry Lawler a speedy recovery Thursday night but ‘The Professor’ left out that it ‘might’ have been JR’s BBQ that helped pull Jerry through. O.K….., …I made that up. The part about the sauce.”

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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