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— AWA on ESPN Classic returns tonight at 9:30PM ET with the following advertised: The Trooper vs. Tokyo Bullet, Mike George vs. The Menace, Nikita Koloff vs. Jones, D.J. Peterson and Rick McCord vs. Bennett and Carlson, Johnnie Stewart vs. Tony Denucci.

— Herb Abrams’ UWF runs at 10:30PM ET on ESPN Classic with Vladimir Koloff vs. Pez Whatley advertised.

— Here is the updated card for the December 29th Extreme Rising return to Philadelphia, PA at the National Guard Armory…

* Hijo De Rey Misterio vs. Bestia 666
* Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide
* Sabu vs. Matt Hardy
* Steel Cage Match: Blk Out vs. Gangstas
* Title Tournament 2nd Round: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards
* Title Tournament 2nd Round: Devon Storm vs. Rhino
* Match to Crowd First Ever Champion: WINNERS of the semifinal matches meet to crown the first champion

Eric Sturrock sent this one in:

Wrestling is Awesome had their debut event this afternoon at the Boys & Girls Club in Troy, NY. They were originally going to have their debut show in Vermont Saturday but was canceled due to low ticket sales. Myself I had only heard about the show in Troy the Sunday before the show from reading Portia Perez’s Twitter. This was the first time I had ever gone to a wrestling show in a gym having only gone to WWE, TNA, House of Hardcore, & Northeast Wrestling shows at the Mid Hudson Civic Center (Poughkeepsie), Times Union Center (Albany), MSG (NYC), IZOD Center (NJ), & Dutchess Stadium (Fishkill).

Going into the show I only really knew of Portia Perez, Referee Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, & Green Ant. I have never ordered any Chikara shows before.

The show was in the gym at the Boys & Girls Club which just had $2 million worth of renovations done to it in September. There was two rows of Front Row Seats at ringside, and opposite camera side was 5 rows of bleachers. There was about 60 people in attendance. SmartMarkVideo was taping the event for a future DVD. SmartMarkVideo had a camera set up and also had a guy with a videocamera taping the event. SmartmarkVideo was doing commentary at ringside with a man in purple who was there the entire time and was joined by Referee Bryce Remsburg & Mike Quackenbush at different times. Ringside had four metal volleyball type polls with scotch tape connecting the four metal poles. I sat front row ringside next to a opening for the wrestlers to enter ringside. Before the show they had a few shirts for sale for $20 each. There were no Wrestling Is Awesome or Portia Perez shirts but I got a Bryce Remsburg “Da Bryce is Right.” They also were doing a raffle where for $1 you could win a T-Shirt of your choice.

The ring announcer came out to ringside who was Gavin Loudspeaker. Gavin said hello to everyone here in Troy. Loudspeaker & Remsburg made sure Troy was ready for Wrestling is Awesome.

1. Jervis Cottonbelly vs Mike Quackenbush. Referee: Bryce Remsburg. A lot of holds in this match. With Quackenbush putting Cottonbelly in a leg lock and the standing Jervis trying to get out of it. Jervis saying how is he going to get out of it and Quackenbush commenting back. Jervis got Quackenbush into a ankle lock. Jervis put Quackenbush in the leg lock Jervis was in earlier in the match and Quackenbush easily walked out of it. Quckenbush was able to pin Jervis for the win. After the match Cottonbelly congratulated Quackenbush and they shook hands.

2. Oleg The Usurper vs. The Estonian Thunderfrog. Referee Daniel Yost. Oleg got his head gear caught on a object making his way out of the entrance door. Oleg walked around ringside before getting In the ring and bumping his head gear into the ring ropes. On his way to the ring Oleg grabbed a steel chair and carried it into the ring. Thunderfrog came out with his hammer. Yost was having trouble moving Thunderfrog’s extremely heavy hammer that he could not even get it to move. Fans yelled at Oleg that he was not even strong enough to pick it up. Oleg took their challenge and tried to pick up the hammer. Oleg tried with all his might and could not lift the hammer dropping it to the mat. Thunderfrog walked over and picked up his hammer with ease! The poor ringside crew guy almost went through the gym flooring as he tried to remove the hammer from ringside. After Thunderfrog knocked Oleg from the ring, Thunderfrog hit a impressive move off the top rope onto Oleg. Oleg slammed into Thunderfrog against the ropes. Oleg asked Yost if that meant he won the match. Yost told him he had to get to 3 to win. Afew more offence moves by Oleg and he asked Yost to raise his hand as he had won. Yost tried to explain to win how to win the match. Oleg runs the ropes for about 1 minute. Oleg ran towards Thunderfrog but he jumped out of the way. Thunderfrog hit a frog splash from the top rope but Oleg kicked out. Oleg hit Off With His Head punch to the Thunderfrog for the win.

After that match is when things came to a crashing halt. Oleg left the ring to yell at a female fan, he went over to her at ringside and shook the scotch tape around ringside which caused one of the metal poles to come crashing down, hitting a teenage girl right in the head!!! She took a really hard hit and was crying. Oleg said “I should leave now.” and left. Bryce Remsburg and Loudspeaker who were sitting over by Merchandise stand came running over to her. After afew minutes she stopped crying and Remsburg said she could get a shirt. He took her over to the Merch stand and she got one of Bryce’s shirts and a raffle ticket for free. She returned to her seat. Loudspeaker for the rest of the show would ask the crowd to cheer for her because she showed how tough she is.

3. Juan Francisco de Cordando w/ Hubert vs Green Ant. Referee Daniel Yost. Juan came out with his Huburt who kinda looked like his butler. Juan talked before the match as he talked, Green Ant said “Hi Bryce Remsburg” who was on commentary. Green Ant put on Juan’s jacket and posed. Juan got his jacket back and asked Hubert to get it cleaned right away. A lot of quick action here. Green Ant jumped out of the ring taking out Huburt. Green Ant put on the Huburt’s hat and shook the scotch tape around ringside which caused one of the other metal poles to sway, but Loudspeaker ran over and grabbed it. Green Ant slapped Juan in the chest a few times. Green Ant had control of Juan. Ringside crew removed two of the four metal poles and replaced them with steel chairs attaching the scotch tape to the chairs. Juan took control and was setting up for something when Ant revered and sent Juan into the ropes. Ant hit a frog splash to pick up the win.

4. Frank O’Rourke vs Dasher Hatfield. Ref Daniel Yost. Frank came out pissed at Loudspeaker calling him Francis. The crowd called Frank Franis, causing Frank to lose it. He ran around ringside yelling “FRANK! FRANK! FRANK!” but everyone kept calling him Francis. Frank corned Loudspeaker in the corner. Yost kept saying Frank calm down. Dasher came out patting me on the back and shaking my hand. He greeted more fans around ringside including a fan wearing a Love Machine Art Barr mask, who Loudspeaker early asked if he wore the mask so nobody would know he was asleep. Dasher got all the fans who were facing the SmartMarkVideo camera and had them all put their hands together before the match. Dasher put his hand out to Frank to shake hands but called his Francis which caused Frank to yell “FRANK!” Dasher said sorry Frank but Frank ran out of the ring and ran around yelling “FRANK!” again. Yost tried to get Frank to come back into the ring. Dasher had control at the start and even tried to run the ringposts but Frank caught him. Dasher hit Frank’s head against the turnbuckle a few times. With Frank on the apron and Dasher standing in the ring, Frank hit a cutter. Frank tried for a pin but Dasher kicked out. Some action off the top rope. Dasher called his shot as he swung for the fences, he knocked Frank down in the corner ran the turnbuckles and slid into the corner. But it wasn’t enough. Frank did a moonsault off the top rope but Dasher moved out of the way. Dasher put Frank in a figure 4. Dasher tried with a sideslam. Finally, Dasher hit a Suicide squeeze for the win. It was one of the two longest matches of the show. Frank sold in the ring for awhile before leaving.

We have a 15-20 minute intermission, where Loudspeaker plugged the raffle. Bryce signed the shirt he gave to the girl who got hit it on head with the pole. After Intermission Loudspeaker & Remsburg welcome us back.

5. Saturnye vs Portia Perez. Ref Bryce Remsburg. Portia came out and yelled at some fans. She told them not to clap for her. Portia used a chair to get into the ring. Portia told Bryce to check Saturnye. Bryce tried to check Portia who kept pulling her leg away. Saturyne went after Portia in the corner and Portia called for time out. Portia left the ring and got into it with a little boy. Portia played off the fans some more. Portia took down Saturnye and left the ring to sit in a chair at ringside. Portia yelled at some more fans. Back in the ring Portia begged for Saturyne and her to stop fighting, she begged it’s almost Christmas, they should start a tag team she begged. Saturyne thought about it and shook Portia’s hand but Portia had one hand behind her back and hit Saturyne in the gut. Portia put choked out Saturye in the corner. Portia taunted the crowd. Portia pulled Saturye down by her hair a few times. Portia chocked out Saturyne in the other corner against the ropes. Saturyne dodged Portia and rolled Portia up but Portia kicked out. Portia pulled on Saturye’s hair and Bryce counted to 4 when Portia let go. Portia did it again and released at 4, then again and released at 4. Saturyne gained control. Saturyne hits something off the ropes. Saturyne jumps to the top rope between the two corners and hits a crossbody but Portia counters it pulling the tights for the win. Saturyne screamed Portia pulled her tights. Portia stands on a chair with Bryce holding her hand in the air for the win as Saturyne is in disbelief in the ring. After Portia leaves, Saturyne continues her case about her tights being pulled to Bryce. Best parts of the match were Portia with the crowd.

6. Robert Coleman vs Lativan Proud Oak. Referee Daniel Yost. Funniest match of the show, very entertaining. I don’t think anyone was on commentary tho for this match. Coleman is big man with a islands type gimmick. He has Coleman tattooed on his chest and a giant tree tattoo on his back. Proud Oak runs out to the ring and he’s not wearing shoes. Oak wants the mic from Loudspeaker but does not know how to use it, he holds it upside down. Loudspeaker tells him to turn it around. Proud Oak says it is very awesome to be in New York City, USA. He says he is so excited to be here in Madison Square Garden and is surprised at how it looks. He gets a USA chant going. Yost when checking Coleman for weapons, the Proud Oak makes a noise. He runs over and drops to his knees bowing down. He’s bowing down to the tree tattoo on Coleman. Coleman laughs. Coleman is working on Oak’s arm when Oak stays in the position of a tree. Coleman walks around Oak and tries to work on the arm but is countered by Oak. Oak runs the ropes and runs into Coleman and poses but Coleman never moved. He tries again and poses as Coleman laughs as he does not move. Oak goes to the top rope and freezes posing as a tree. He jumps over Coleman. Coleman hits Oak with his butt sending Oak flying into the corner. Coleman goes for the stinkface but Oak gets out of the ring saying no stinky stinky. Oak tries to pick up Coleman but cant. Oak gains control but then is knocked down in the corner. Coleman gives Oak the stinkface. Oak again tries to pick up Coleman. Coleman hits a powerslam for the win. Coleman asks the fans why they are not clapping for him as Oak is still lying in the ring. Oak gets up and runs out of the gym just as weirdly as he entered.

7. JAKA vs Dalton Castle. Referee Bryce Remsburg. Mike Quackenbush is now on commentary where he stayed for the rest of the show. Jaka enters from the fan’s entrance to the gym. Castle has a radio show in Albany. Castle wanted to teach Jaka to dance but Jaka laid him out. Jaka kept control. Castle was bleeding from either the mouth or nose. Jaka put his hand on Castle’s face in the middle of the ring. Castle fought back. Castle hit Jaka with double knees off the top rope, then a lariat. Jaka off the top rope but was caught in a bearhug. Castle slammed Jaka’s head in the turnbuckles but with Jaka feeling nothing and having no reaction. Jaka with a right hand. Jaka sat Castle on the second rope and hit him with a fury of slaps. Jaka screamed and came running and hit a knee to Castle in the corner. Castle caught Jaka and slammed him down. Castle with a german suplex for the win. Castle after the match talked about being from the area with his radio show.

Remsburg joined Loudspeaker in the ring. Loudspeaker said its time for Rafflemania. A guy won the raffle which was picked by the little boy Portia yelled at. Loudspeaker asked everyone to cheer for the girl who was hit in the head earlier in the show. Loudspeaker said Wrestling Is Awesome is returning to Troy on March 2(which is 3 days before WWE comes to nearby Albany). Loudspeaker hopes to see every single one of us back that day. Loudspeaker & Remsburg gets all of us at ringside to surround the ring and pound on it before the main event.

8. Devastation Corporation w/ Sydney Bakabella vs 3.0. Referee Bryce Remsburg. Before any team came out, Sidney Bakabella a “promoter” stuck in 70s is in the ring. Bakabella is running down Rocky Mountain Wrestling others promoters from the past. He walks over towards the camera when trashing Verge Gagne. Sidney sees me take a picture of him and tells me I better cough up $5. This was one of the two longest matchs of the show. Back & forth match. 3.0 tried hitting a double clothesline on Blaster of Devastation but are both knocked down by Blaster. Sidney is pulled up on the apron. Smashmaster of Devastation almost runs into Sidney. Smashmaster holds a member of 3.0 above his head for awhile before slamming him down. Blaster hits a bodyslam on a 3.0 member. Slammaster tries with a bearhug. Sidney pulls baby powder out of his pants and pours some of it in his hand and throws the bottle under the ring. While waiting to use it Sidney drops the powder at ringside and picks some of it back up. Slammaster comes charging over to a 3.0 member but misses and comes crashing down on the floor. Blaster throws a 3.0 member over his back. 3.0 knock the big slammaster back out of the ring on the ground. Sidney trips 3.0 and drops more of power out of his hand. He goes to throw the remaning little bit of powder in his hand in a 3.0 face but hits Blaster instead. A 3.0 member hits a flying elbow off the top rope but Blaster powerfully kicks out. Slammaster picks a 3.0 guy over his head and throws him into the ring. Blaster hits a sideslam and Slammaster comes off the top rope squashing a 3.0 member for the win. Devastation Corp shoves down Bryce after the match. As the Corp leaves, 3.0 attacks Sidney pulling off his yellow suspenders and throwing them in the crowd which Bryce retrieved.

As the fans leave, all the faces (no heels) say goodbye to each fan, shaking their hand, saying/doing something funny and hoping to see us back on March 2. Castle was in his bag giving something to the girl who got hit in head with the metal pole and signing it for her. I got my picture taken with Mike Quackenbush and Referee Bryce Remsburg. Remsburg was very nice and asked where I was from, I told him from around Kingston, NY about 1 hour ½ away. He asked if I would be back for March 2 and I said I would.

A really Awesome experience at Wrestling is Awesome. I heard some fans saying it was better than any WWE or TNA show they have ever gone to. Fun show with good wrestling. Cool to see Portia Perez & Bryce Remsburg in person for the first time ever. Only bad thing to say about the show was the metal pole that hit the girl in the head, hopefully no metal poles next time.

Should you buy the DVD of the debut of Wrestling Is Awesome from SmartMarkVideo? Yes, it was a really entertaining night. If you are anywhere close to the Hudson Valley from the Lower Hudson Valley(Kingston/Poughkeepsie) or Upper Hudson Valley (Albany/Lake George) area or anywhere in between or close by you should come out to the next Wrestling Is Awesome on March 2 in Troy, NY. You can check out photos from the event at this link.

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Kaitlyn With A HUGE Machine Gun! HOLY HELL!!!