— WWE NXT star Conor O’Brian, who has been wrestling at WWE live events in recent weeks, sounds like he’ll be debuting on RAW tonight. He tweeted today:

“Tonights #Raw there will be reasoning on why some of us chose our path of certainty. #TheAscension #Oldschool #WEWILLRISE”

As noted earlier here on the website, The Undertaker has been spotted in Buffalo, New York, the host city of tonight’s RAW event. He was spotted at nearby Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

In another sign pointing to the return of “The Deadman,” the WWE Active portion of the WWE App features the Undertaker logo at the top of the page.

Last month, The Undertaker was also in the host city the night before RAW in Nashville, Tennessee, but did not appear on television. On February 23, he made an off-screen appearance at a SmackDown live event in Waco, Texas, teaming up with Sheamus in a tag team match to defeat Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett. ‘Taker is expected to return tonight to begin his WrestleMania 29 feud with CM Punk.

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