Thanks to Dean from Buffalo for texting in the following results:

It looks as if they are sold out so they did a strong walk-up today.

Dark Match:

There wasn’t one.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday):

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated The Uso’s. Rhodes Scholars cut a brief promo before the match and ended up winning in ten minutes. Cody hit the Disaster Kick after Jimmy and Jey had taken out Damien Sandow.

Layla defeated Tamina Snuka. Tamina was in control for most of the match until Layla came back and picked up the victory with a Samoan Drop into a roll-up. Layla has a new look with blonde hair.

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Layla’s **NEW LOOK** – Bright Blonde Hair – WHOA!!!