Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Jack Swagger has a new court date set for June of this year. Since things are getting a little more serious now, it’s very possible that WWE may scale back on the push that the All American American has been receiving over the last several weeks. The company doesn’t want the publicity that would come if a harsh sentence is issued by the judge. They certainly don’t want the media to focus on it and using terms such as “top level WWE star” in their articles.

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— The rumors about Zack Ryder turning heel have been around for a few weeks now, but it really started to heat up when the popular WWE star released a new video on YouTube yesterday. He first teased the return of his Long Island Iced Z video series before dropping the gimmick and showing disgust with the character that he was portraying. We posted the video here on the website earlier.

— Several years ago, there was some sort of falling out involving Layla El and her family. Things are apparently a lot better now. The WWE Diva posted an update on Twitter where she reveals that she has finally reunited with her father after three decades. She also posted a picture of the two of them hugging. Layla tweeted:

“Life is so mysterious. ….Reunited with my Dad It’s been 30 years !!! #blessing #london Loves ya…”

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