— Some notes on this year’s WWE Fan AXXESS:

* There was reportedly lots of negative feedback coming in due to the new AXXESSset up.

* The WrestleMania program reportedly featured photos of NXT stars who are working at AXXESS.

* WWE reportedly issued a fan survey to gauge interest in the WrestleMania PPV, how fans intend to order it, which match they were looking forward to the most, and which talent or stipulation made them most likely to order the show.

* Christian and Ezekiel Jackson, who have been out of action as of late due to injuries, made their first appearances in a while on Friday evening at AXXESSto sign autographs for fans.

* Other superstars signing autographs and doing photo opportunities on Friday included Brad Maddox, Alicia Fox, Ivan Koloff, Sika, Mil Mascaras, Terry Funk, Tensai, 3MB, Yoshi Tatsu, Ted DiBiase, Hacksaw Duggan, Larry Zybyszo, Harley Race, Sika, The Shield, Gerald Brisco, The Bellas, Michael McGuillicuty, Miz, Aksana, Teddy Long, Fandango and Sin Cara. John Cena and The Undertaker took part in VIP only signings while Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez participated in Q&A Sessions.

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