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There were over 1,000 fans in attendance, but the crowd was not up for this one. The show started 30 minutes late because of issues with the feed.

Sami Callihan won the Four-Way Freestyle to advance in the Evolve Title tournament. Also involved were Samuray Del Sol, Jigsaw, and Rich Swann. Callihan won with the stretch muffler on Del Sol.

Tony Nese was introduced and he announced that he would be forming a “support group,” which I imagine is 2013 speak for a stable.

AR Fox beat Jon Davis by DQ to advance in the Evolve Title tournament. Fox pulled the referee in front of a Davis lariat, and the ref called for the bell when he came to. Post match, the crowd cheered for Davis to kill the referee, but he didn’t, per Evolve rules that he would be suspended.

Brian Kendrick and Johnny Gargano beat Drew Gulak and Orange Cassidy (w/ Swamp Monster and The Colonel). The crowd was dead for this match unfortunately.

Sami Callihan beat Chuck Taylor to advance to the finals in the Evolve Title tournament. Sami “injured” his leg entering the ring, and that was the story of the match. Sami gutted it out and got the win with the stretch muffler.

A.R. Fox beat Ricochet to advance to the finals in the Evolve Title tournament. Good match from two of the best and fastest growing high-flyers on the scene. Fox got the win after Ricochet missed the 630.

Arik Cannon beat Scott Reed (w/ The Scene) in a no-DQ match. The Scene was getting the better of Cannon until Uhaa Nation made his return after a year-long injury and made the save. Cannon won with his whiplash. Post match, Uhaa hit a belly-to-belly on Cannon for seemingly no reason.

Super Smash Brothers beat The Young Bucks with Fatality. Match of the night, but the flat crowd didn’t add anything: story of the night.

AR Fox pinned Sami Callihan to become the first Evolve Champion. Good match, but not great. Both men will work four total matches tonight, so that would explain it. Fox won with Lo Mein Pain.

Notes: Overall, this show was much flatter than expected. The delayed start time frustrated the crowd, and they didn’t get up for much of anything, even the things they should have. Here’s hoping DGUSA steps it up, because this show was unfortunately lackluster.

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