Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, May 20th, 2013 (USA Network)
Location: The Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO
Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

An ambulance is seen driving into the arena and the crowd actually pops for the entrance…it’s Ryback! New gear and all! We see still shots of his Last Man Standing match with John Cena. He stands tall on the ambulance. He says while it was a no contest and Cena walked away with the WWE Title, but he was carried off. We see “exclusive” footage where Cena refused medical facilities. He says in their next match, Cena won’t refuse attention, because it will be an Ambulance Match for the WWE Championship at WWE Payback!

He says it’s not just John Cena he’ll take to the hospital, but all of the WWE Universe. He calls the fans fat, pathetic, and weak, WEAK, WEAK! He says the fans are lost souls of society who worship Cena because he works hard, something they could never understand or do. At Payback, when he takes Cena to the hospital, then the morgue, Ryback will be taking all of Cena’s fans with him. None of them matter to Ryback…because RYBACK! RULES!

Cole, Lawler and JBL mull over Ryback’s words and announce that Paul Heyman has indeed found a new client as rumored in recent weeks, and that new member of Heyman Enterprises will be announced tonight!

Tag team action is next, with Y2J and Mike the Miz taking on FAN…DAN…GOOO and Woi Barrah!

~Commercial Break~

IC Champion Wade Barrett & Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

Barrett’s got an interesting new theme song, and Fandango’s rocking the rainbow trout tights…talk about opposites.

Jeri-Miz reunites! Jericho and Wade start it out. Jericho with a dropkick to Barrett, followed by some chops. Barrett gets an elbow after countering a whip. Fandango tags in and goes after him with boots. Hard whip to the corner by Fandango, and some hard rights to Jericho. Jericho reverses a whip, but Fandango gets a boot up. Fandango tags to Barrett, who seems to object, but Fandango just preens and poses to the crowd as we go to commercial…

Mid-match break…

Barrett has Miz in a sleeper, but Fandango’s paying more attention to himself and summer Rae…who wouldn’t pay attention to the latter. Miz has Barrett down and set up for the Figure Four, but Fandango’s on the mic and corrects his name at the announce table…then his music hits and he starts dirty dancing with Summer Rae in the middle of the match! EVERYONE is stumped and amazed by this. Including Barrett, who gets waylaid by Jericho. He hits a bulldog, the lionsault, and CODEBREAKER! Jeircho just looks on at Fandango bemused, and tags in Miz, who locks in the Figure Four on Barrett for the tap out.

Winners: The Miz & Chris Jericho
Time: 7:44

Post-match, Miz and Jeircho look to break up Dance Time at the announce table, but Fandango leaves through the crowd (knocking over a fan in the process; hello lawsuit!). Summer Rae looks lost and eyes Jericho. They lock eyes, get closer, and Jericho dips her, then…HAND TO THE FACE, GIRLFRIEND! Jeri-troll strikes! Miz gives it a 10!

We’re reminded of Ryback’s Ambulance Match challenge at WWE Payback and Heyman’s new client.

~Commercial Break~

Vickie Guerrero out now to announce that Jack Swagger will be in action and, via the WWE App, fans can decide his opponent: Great Khali, R-Truth or Randy Orton!

JBL and company highlight the Shield’s big night at Extreme Rules with Ambrose winning the US Title and Rollins & Reigns taking the Tag titles from Team Hell No.

Daniel Bryan in the locker room, looking frustrated. He feels naked without the tag titles, and Kane cracks a few jokes about that. Bryan asks how he can make jokes, and Kane says that in order to win back their titles they can’t afford to show dissension or weakness. Bryan thinks Kane implied that he’s the weak link and they argue before Kofi breaks it up. Bryan just walks off in a huff.

Sheamus out to the ring and he is in action NEXT!

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Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young

This match came out of the harsh words Titus, Henry’s training partner, had for Sheamus during the post-match show.

Sheamus and Titus lock up, going into the corner. Sheamus powers Titus off. Sheamus gets knocked down by Titus, who barks to the crowd. Sheamus cuts off the barking, throwing Titus over the ropes, and decides to go a clubberin’, if you will! Sheamus to the outside, and Young tries to interfere, but gets thrown into the barricade. Titus knocks down Sheamus and rolls him into the ring. Impressive standing fall away slam by Titus gets a 2 count. An inverted pumphandle drop gets another 2 count for O’Neil. He keeps Sheamus down on the mat with an elbow, then a sleeper hold. Sheamus fights out. He goes for White Noise, but Titus counters and throws Sheamus to the outside. Sheamis stun guns Titus, but Young pulls on Sheamus’ boot as he jumps, and Sheamus is hung up on the top rope. Clubbing blow by Titus gets a near fall. Sheamus comes back with White soon after, and polishes off Titus with the Brogue Kick for the 3.

Winner: Sheamus
Time: 6:30

Heyman reveals his new client NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Paul Heyman comes to the ring, and tells us to get the “boos” out of our system. He asks the fans what it’s like to be powerless, as a true “Paul Heyman guy” Brock Lesnar emerged victorious and the WWE’s COO Triple H will go down in history against Brock Lesnar as a loser. Brock enjoys the spoils of war, while Triple H goes home to “mommy.” While Brock has fulfilled his WWE obligations, we wonder what Heyman will talk about now. Well, here;s the moment where we press record, the Sportscenter moment: CURT AXEL!

The Perfect son is in the house! And with a rocking remix of his father’s music as well! Heyman says this is the same reaction as when he introduced Brock Lesnar in 2002, and when he aligned himself with CM Punk to help along his 434-day WWE Title reign. He brings up Axel’s pedigree and legacy, but says that’s what inhibited Axel; it wasn’t an opportunity to go straight to the top, but rather an albatross hanging on the neck of his career. With the given name of his father Curt Hennig and grandfather Larry “The Ax” Hennig, the young man will forever be branded as an amalgamation of his great legacy: CURTIS! AXEL!

The Game decides to interrupt the festivities. Axel tries to impose himself, but Triple H tells him the “adults” are talking. Ouch. Triple H tells Heyman he can put a spin on things, but the bottom line is, Brock may have won, but he limped out of the cage. Trips said he was listening to Heyman and thought that, just for the hell of it, he would come out and, because he just can, beat the crap out of Heyman.

Axel gets in Trips’ face and says that the Game has changed and he can talk to him first, rather than Heyman. Triple H smiles (never a good sign) and bitch slaps Axel before saying that he changed his mind: First, he’ll have a match with Axel and beat the crap out of him, then Heyman’s next! JBL puts it best, Axel is getting a “baptism by fire” tonight.

Albertooooooo Del Riiiiiooooo face Big E. Langston coming up NEXT!

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Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big E. Langston w/AJ Lee

Ziggler’s still at home nursing his concussion, so he’s not here tonight. Alberto assaults Langston early and goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Big E. POWERS Del Rio up and slams him. Del Rio won’t release, so Langston finds the ropes and goes to the outside…and picks Del Rio up, slamming him into the ring post! Ouch. A small chant for Langston. Back in the ring, Langston hits a trio of rib breakers, stretching Del Rio over his knee. He throws Del Rio to the corner and props him up. Del Rio blocks Langston and hits a nice tornado DDT. He fires back with clotheslines and gets the back stabber for a near fall. Del Rio goes for the Arm Breaker, but Langston tosses him to the outside. As the ref counts, Ricardo helps Del Rio back in. Langston picks him up, only to get an enziguri, which drops him to his knees! Del Rio goes for the Arm Breaker, but AJ throws Ricardo’s bucket into the ring. The ref goes to pick it up, and Langston blinds Del Rio with a rake to the eyes! Big Ending connects! Three count!

Winner: Big E. Langston
Time: 4:30

We find out Kingston and Team Hell No are looking for retribution in a six-man tag against the Shield, and Curtis Axel looks to start a “perfect” career off in style against The Game!

~Commercial Break~

Divas action…giggity. Divas cat fight…giggity giggity goo!

Layla vs. AJ Lee

AJ strikes first and takes Layla down. AJ with two neckbreakers and a 2 count. Layla makes a comeback with kicks and takes AJ down. Layla mocks AJ and skips around the ring. Layla with another kick and a dropkick. Layla keeps up the attack in the corner. AJ counters a side slam and locks in her Black Widow octopus submission for the tap out win…followed by AJ straddling a downed Layla and blowing her a kiss.

Sometimes I think WWE waters the Divas down so the parental radar doesn’t pick up the pseudo-lesbian stuff that goes on in and out of the ring…not that I or any other red-blooded male complain about it, mind you.

Winner: AJ Lee
Time: 1:45

Jack Swagger still awaits the decision on who his opponent will be, and Triple H is set to compete for the first time in 3 years on Raw as he takes on Curtis Axel!

~Commercial Break~

Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder

Back from the break and Ryder is already going at it with Rhodes. Ryder comes off the second rope but Cody ducks. Ryder with a dropkick and some more offense. Cody turns it around and stomps Ryder down in the corner. Cody with a slam and a 2 count. Cody works on the arm now. Ryder comes back and hits his usual moves. Ryder nails the big right hand in the corner and then the Broski Boot. Ryder covers for a 2 count. More back and forth. Cody hits a Disaster Kick for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes
Time: 2:22

Ryback comes down to the ring as Cody wisely makes his exit. “The Big Hungry” circles him and then annihilates Ryder with a Meathook, a power bomb, then a Shell Shock. Then, as a symbol to both Cena’s future and Ryder’s, Ryback carries Ryder off and puts in the ambulance. Alas, Ryder, we hardly knew you, woo, woo, woo.

Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston face The Shield in 6-man tag action NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Out comes United States Champion Dean Ambrose with WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns through the crowd. They cut a promo before the match. Ambrose says The Shield brought power back to the titles. Ambrose talks about how they broke The Rock down and cost him the WWE Title. Ambrose says we will never see Undertaker because of them. Ambrose goes on talking about how they beat up Ryback and John Cena. Ambrose says they were non-believers, the fans’ heroes. Ambrose says one by one, they all go down. Rollins speaks next and says they are the future. Rollins says this is just the beginning. Reigns says the ending, that stays the same. Put them in front of us, we take them out. Reigns says the hounds of justice run this yard and they carry the collars to back it up. Kane’s pyro goes off and out he comes with Daniel Bryan. We go to commercial with six-man tag team action next…

~Commercial Break~

The Shield (US Champion Dean Ambrose & Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) vs. Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston

Kingston and Ambrose start it out. They exchange holds, and Kofi snapmares out, knocking AMbrose down for a 1 count. Kingston with some arm drags ala The Dragon. Ambrose is reeling, and here comes the AMERCAN Dragon Daniel Bryan! Bryan delivers some shots to Ambrose, who struggles out and tags in Rollins, who gets tripped up by Bryan. He locks in the surfboard on Rollins and hooks him by the mouth. Kicks to Rollins, and Kane gets the tag and hits a big boot for 2. Boots to Rollins. Kane hits a running elbow for a 2 count.

Kingston tags in and hits some clubbing blows. Hammerlock to Rollins and some knees to the back. Rollins elbows out and hits a clothesline. Kofi leapfrogs Rollins and hits an elbow of his own for 2. Rollins drives Kofi to the Shield’s corner. Reigns tags in, and powers Kofi down to the mat. Big shoulder block by Reigns. Rear chin lock on Kofi. He fights out, but Reigns just rag dolls him and slams him to the mat for a near fall. Ambrose in and he cinches in an unique leg lace-nerve hold submission. Kofi hung up in the ropes and Ambrose with a dropkick to the midsection, which gets 2. Rollins in and he stomps Kofi in the corner. Kofi fights back, but Rollins hits a nasty reverse STO into the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Rollins has Kofi down, but Kingston fights out, only to get pulled down. Rollins mocks Kofi, but gets head scissored for it. Bryan gets the tag and he is EN FUEGO! Kicks, a clothesline and a BIG running corner dropkick. More blistering kicks and the Buzzsaw conencts! 1…2..Thr-Kickout! Bryan up top, but Rollins trips him up. Ambrose in now, and sets up Bryan for a superplex…but Bryan counters! Air Goat connects! 1…2…Thr-NO! Bryan grabs the arm and locks in the NO! Lock! Ambrose makes the ropes!

Mid-match Break…

Kingston tags in and comes off the ropes onto Reigns, who jsut shrugs it off and powers him down. Ambrose in with some shots, but Kofi reverses and hits his split into a 10-punch followed by a stiff-looking uppercut. Bryan in now and hangs Ambrose in the Tree of Woe. Basement dropkick to the face ala Tommy Dreamer! Ambrose manages to find Rollins for the tag. He catches Bryan and DRILLS him with a nasty buckle bomb. Reigns in and just about takes Bryan’s head off with a hard clothesline. Sleeper hold on Bryan, but he fights out. Elbow to Bryan, then a big knee for a near fall. Tag to Ambrose. Boots to Bryan and an elbow gets a 2 count. High angle back suplex gets another near fall for Ambrose. Measured right hands to Bryan, who fights back with headbutts, but gets a knee to the midsection. Rollins in now and chokes Bryan in the ropes. Fresh tag to Ambrose. He mouths off to Bryan, who debilitates Ambrose with a big roundhouse kick. Kane gets the tag and now he is EN FUEGO! Pair of clotheslines to Reigns, and a side slam gets 2. Kofi takes out Ambrose, then Bryan and Kofi suicide dive onto Ambrose and Rollins! Clothesline from the top to Reigns! 1…2..No! Rollins sends Kofi into a ringpost. Ambrose takes out Bryan. Kane with a big boot to Reigns and sets up for the chokeslam. Ambrose off the top, gets uppercutted by Kane. Reigns gets goozled…flying knee drop by Rollins! Spear from Reigns to Kane! Three count! The Shield stand tall!

Winners: The Shield
Time: 22:56

The Shield celebrate and hold their titles high. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!

We recap the (re)introduction of the “perfect” third-generation star Curits Axel and The Game coming out to interrupt for the hell of it. Curtis stops him, and that’s why we have the match alter tonight.

Trips is taping up for the match and an official advises him that the doctor doesn’t want Hunter competing tonight. Triple H says that if Doc has a problem with him competing, he can seek employment elsewhere. Sound work environment WWE has there…

~Commercial Break~

Nattie and Kaitlyn in the back. Kaitlyn has a number and Nattie wonders why she won’t call him. Kaitlyn has, but there’s no voice mail because “he’s shy.” They ambush Cody as he’s on his phone, but it turns out he’s posting photos of himself…let’s pray to God he kept the pics above the “love-stache.”

Jack Swagger and Dirty Dutch out to the ring now, King announces the winner of the WWE App vote and…surprise, surprise, The Viper wins in a landslide. What does it say about Truth’s standing that he got even less votes than Khali? Anyway, Orton’s music hits and here he comes as the match is next!

~Commercial Break~

Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

Swagger takes Orton to the mat and works on his shoulder. Orton fights up and out, connecting with a dropkick. They go outside the ring and Orton back drops Swagger on the barrier. Orton brings it back in the ring but Swagger goes back out. Orton meets him on the floor with a big clothesline. Orton brings it back in and covers for a 2 count. Orton works Swagger over in the corner with right hands. Orton with a big suplex and another pin attempt. Swagger goes for Orton’s leg but Orton makes a comeback. Orton stomps away but is limping now. Swagger takes out Orton’s knee and starts working on the leg. Orton dumps Swagger out to the floor. Orton follows and brings him back to the apron. Orton goes for a draping DDT off the apron but Swagger rams him back into the barrier. Swagger beats up Orton outside of the ring now before bringing him in for a 2 count. Orton gets knocked off the top and out to the floor as we take a commercial break.

Mid-match break…

Swagger wrenches the leg of Orton. Knees in the corner to Randy, but Swagger misses a shoulder charge into the ring post. Turnbuckle shot to Swagger. Randy up top with Swagger…superplex conects! Orton covers for a close near fall. Uppercuts to Swagger, but Jack comes back with a belly-to-belly slam for a 2 count. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Orton with a kick to the gut followed by clotheslines and a powerslam. DDT doesn’t connect as Swagger counters with a spinning slam for a near fall. Orton with a back breaker gets a near fall of his own. Orton hits the DDT on the third attempt and psyches up for the RKO…Swagger slips into the Patriot Lock! Orton kicks out of it, but Swagger cinches the hold back in. Orton finally makes the ropes, Swagger pulls him back, and Orton kicks his face. Swagger goes for a clothesline, Orton ducks…RKO! OUT! OF! NOWHERE! Three count!

Winner: Randy Orton
Time: 16:20

We recap Ryback’s challenge to Cena for an Ambulance Match at WWE Payback and subsequent annihilation of Zack Ryder and tossing him into a nearby ambulance.

Triple H and the (re)debuting Curtis Axel clash in the main event NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Triple H vs. Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

It’ll be interesting to see if the Hennig/Levesque rub comes full circle here. Curt jaws a little with The Game and throws a few fake rights, laughing it off with Heyman. Trips has enough and chokes Axel in the corner before dropping him with a clothesline. HHH dumps Axel out to the floor in front of Heyman. Axel comes back and unloads on HHH in the corner. The referee backs him off but he goes right back to work. HHH turns it around and beats Axel up in the corner. Axel connects with a dropkick and covers for 1. Axel with a right hand to to the back of the head and a choke in the corner. Top rope forearm gets a 2 count for Axel.

Axel turns it back around with another dropkick. Axel comes off the second rope for a 2 count. Axel with a headlock now as Heyman cheers him on from ringside. HHH fights to his feet and breaks the hold. HHH rams Axel back in the corner with shoulder thrusts. HHH with the jawbreaker. HHH with a big spinebuster but he’s moving slow. HHH sends Axel outside of the ring and slams his face into the apron. HHH is selling some kind of injury. Axel fights him off on the floor with right hands. HHH comes right back with a clothesline. HHH brings Axel back in the ring but has trouble getting on the apron. HHH is disoriented now. HHH takes a seat at a chair and asks for water. Heyman looks on shocked. HHH pours the water on himself and comes back to the ring apron as the crowd cheers. He goes down to one knee and stumbles back to the chair. Trainers are checking on him now. HHH tries to stand up again but falls. Trainers tell him he’s done and to relax. The crowd starts chanting for Triple H. HHH struggles to get up again but falls back down. He struggles with trainers as RAW goes off the air.

Winner: No Contest
Time: 8:00ish

End show.

Credit: Ken Hill

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