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FWE seems to have broken the ELMCOR curse as it appears they drew 650-750 here, easily the biggest crowd ever in the venue.

Rob Van Dam was easily the biggest draw on the show as he had a massive line for autographs.

The show opened up with AJ Pann introducing Matt Striker, who joined their announcing team just one day after being let go by WWE. Striker received a nice pop. He thanked FWE for being the first to step up and give him an opportunity. The fans chanted “Thank you Striker.” He said he hasn’t heard those words in eight years and thanked the fans. He said he wanted to thank the people at WWE for giving him a chance and an opportunity. He said that he’s happy to be here. He said he’ll be able to mention Japan, call the names of the moves, and to mention people’s past. He said that he was going to call matches the way they are supposed to be called. He said that he thanks WWE for the opportunity they gave him, but he also thanks FWE and that’s where we all are. FWE and “we wrestle.”

Petey Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

They each received nice reactions and the crowd chanted for each man. They battled back and forth, exchanging holds on the mat. Kendrick sent Williams into the corner and he went up and over. Brian scissored him down to the mat for a two count.

They went back and forth, working on each other’s arms. Williams grabbed a side headlock. He was sent into the ropes and shoulderblocked Kendrick down. Kendick came back with several hiptosses and a dropkick for a two count.

Williams went to the outside, where Kendrick went for a dive and missed. Williams tossed him back into the ring. Williams scored a two count. He tried Kendrick to the tree of woe and stepped on his nether-regions. Williams scored several two counts. Kendrick was locked in a side chinlock but fought his way back up. Williams snapped him back to the mat.

Williams charged Kendrick, who kicked him off several times. Kendrick nailed a flying forearm and a leg lariat. He missed a charge in the corner but nailed a leg lariat coming out of the rebound for another two count. They went back and forth until Williams caught him with a Sharpshooter to try and force a submission. Kendrick battled to the ropes to force a break.

Kendrick shot Williams out of the ring to the floor and then hit a tope. Kendrick nailed a missile dropkick and then went for a flying bodypress. Williams moved out of the way and went for the Canadian Destroyer. Kendrick blocked but was nailed with a DDT for a two count.

Williams tried to get Kendrick in position for a move but Kendrick nailed him. He went for Sliced Bread #2 in the corner but was caught and placed on the ropes by Williams. He then nailed a double stomp on Kendrick for a two count.

Williams drilled Kendrick with a suplex for a two count.. They went back and forth. Williams attempted a backslide but Kendrick escaped and nailed a superkick. Williams came back and nailed the Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Really good back and forth wrestling match. Kendrick looked crisp and Williams was as smooth as ever. A fine start to the show. The crowd really loved the wrestling. Both men got a nice ovation.

The Young Bucks vs. Jigsaw & Tony Nese

Big pop for Jigsaw, who started out with Matt Jackson. They went back and forth with Jigsaw controlling him on the mat early. Jigsaw locked him in a Gori Guerrero Especial, then sent him into the ropes, nailing Matt with a dropkick. He continued controlling the match, nailing a rana and controlling the flow.

Jigaw tagged in Nese, who continued working over Matt, including a dropkick. Nick Jackson tagged in and caught Nese with a kick to the mid-section. Nese came back with a series of kicks, culminating with a spinkick. Nese nailed a dive to the outside.

The Young Bucks cut him off with a dropkick as he was on the apron and they beat him down on the mat with punches. The Bucks began controlling the match, tagging in and out as they worked Nese over. Nese tried to escape and finally made the hot tag when he tricked the Bucks into nailing each other.

Jigsaw tagged in and nailed a flying bodypress off the top on both. He nailed a rana on both and then hit a dive over the top to the floor. Nese then hit a backwards dive over the top on everyone.

Back in the ring, Jigsaw and Nese were caught by the Bucks. They doubleteamed Jigsaw, culminating with a kick to the head. Nese and Jigsaw made a comeback, leading to a series of superkicks. Nick then superkicked Jigsaw as he was setting up Matt for a move, letting Matt hit a Code Red for a two count.

They knocked Nese out of the ring. They powerbombed Jigsaw into the corner as Matt kicked him in the back of the head. They then nailed a spike tombstone on Jigsaw for the pin.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

An awesome tag match. Lots of great back and forth action and a really inspired sequence involving the superkicks. Jigsaw looked awesome here, the best I’ve ever seen him look. Nese is just so great. He’s so going to be a star one day. Bucks were awesome.

Maria Kanellis & Ivelise Velez vs. Winter & Angelina Love

Love tried to do a test of strength with Velez early since she was so much taller. Velez tried to take her down with a waistlock. They went back and forth. Maria tagged in and then tagged back out, preferring to make out with Mike Bennett instead. Velez was not impressed.

Winter chased Kanellis out of the ring when she finally did enter. Kanellis threw her into the ring post. Velez choked Winter in the corner while Kanellis argued with the referee, distracting him. Kanellis choked her against the ropes and locked in a side chinlock.

Winter finally used a stunner to break free. Love tagged in and bulldogged Kanellis for a two count. Love slammed Velez for a two count but Kanellis broke it up. She ended up tossed over the top onto the apron, then knocked off to the floor.

Angelina and Winter worked over Velez and scored the pin.

Your winners, Angelina Love & Winter.

They did a lot of gaga early. The crowd didn’t seem to get into it beyond chanting to entertain themselves.

FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London vs. Akio Yang

London did his long entrance where he slapped the hands of everyone for about ten minutes. The crowd all clapped at the bell in anticipation. Akio took the mic and asked the crowd if they wanted cake. The crowd chanted that they did. He asked them why and if they had the munchies. He ripped on the crowd and said they were fat bas***ds who didn’t need cake.

London took the mic and said they want cake because it’s incredible. He said that if he didn’t bring out any cake, they should hurry up and wrestle because Akio now made him hungry.

They locked up and neither man was able to gain control of the other. London grabbed a side headlock. Yang reversed it and when London tried to shoot him into the ropes, Yang grabbed his hair to prevent it. Yang took him to the mat and controlled him. Yang was sent into the ropes and shoulderblocked London down.

Yang controlled London, who tried to find a way out. He tripped up Yang, dropkicked him and nailed a rana. He then clotheslined Yang over the top to the floor. London went for a dive but Yang got out of the way. He nailed a dropkick on Yang when Yang got back on the apron, the hit a tope con hilo to the outside in the aisle.

London drove Yang backwards into the apron. They battled onto the apron, chopping each other. London worked him over with punches but was lowblowed and crashed to the floor outside. Yang brought him back into the ring and tied him up on the mat. He snapped London down to the mat and nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.

Yang stomped on London and worked him over. London fired back with chops but was worked over. He whipped London into the corner and drilled him with a spinkick, landing on the apron. Yang went to the tpp for a flying bodypress but London kicked him as he was in the air.

Yang and London battled back and forth in the center of the ring. London shoulderblocked Yang from the outside as he charged London in the corner. London beat him down and came off the ropes with a double stomp to the back for a two count.

London drilled Yang with a hangman’s neckbreaker for a two count. London went to the top but was cut off. Yang worked him over with punches and slugs to the back. London fought back and drilled Yang, sending him to the floor. He went for the shooting star press but missed. Yang nailed a moonsault for a two count.

Yang went to the top but London nailed his legs, crotching him on the ropes. London went for a reverse rana off the top but Yang held on. He nailed a moonsault but London kicked out at the last second. The referee began counting them both down on the mat. They made it to their feet before the ten count. Yang drilled London with a knee in the corner and began beating him with rights and lefts.

London fought him off and came off the second rope with a DDT. London nailed the shooting star press and scored the pin.

Your winner and still FWE Tri-Borough champion, Paul London!

Really good, hard fought back and forth physical match. Really enjoyable.

After the match, London offered Yang his hand out of respect. Yang teased shaking it but blew him off. London dropkicked him out of the

Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD came out to a knockoff version of Pantera’s Walk and the crowd chanted the chorus of the song. They hugged at the bell.

They locked up and reversed several attempts at taking the other down. Van Dam made it to the ropes, then jumped up and pointed at himself. The crowd loved it.

They locked up and Dreamer grabbed a side headlock. Van Dam tried to break it and did with several kicks. Dreamer went into the corner. He sent Van Dam into the buckles and to the floor. Dreamer clotheslined him off the apron to the floor.

Dreamer slammed Van Dam into the guard rail. He took a soda and sprayed it, Great Muta style, into Van Dam’s face. They battled around ringside. Dreamer dragged Van Dam into the crowd, where they fought. The crowd chanted, “ECW.”

Dreamer nailed Van Dam with a trash can. Van Dam made a comeback and nailed a legdrop on Dreamer on the outside. They battled up to the top of the building. They battled back down the bleachers where Dreamer took a bump through a tarp down into the aisle. That was nuts. The crowd chanted, “You killed Tommy.”

Van Dam brought Dreamer back into the ring. He worked over Dreamer but was caught with a spike piledriver for a two count. He whippped RVD into the corner. RVD kicked him as he charged. Van Dam went to the top but Dreamer shoved him and crotched him. Dreamer nailed him with a chair to the back and tied him to the tree of woe. He set up a chair in front of Van Dam and hit the dropkick to the chair to the face.

Dreamer went under the ring and retrieved a table. He set it in the corner and went for a Spicoli Driver, but Van Dam slipped out and instead nailed the Spicoli Driver through the table for a two count. Van Dam went for the split legged moonsault but missed. Dreamer nailed the big piledriver and they recreated that insane piledriver from November to Remember 1997. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Dreamer went to the middle ropes for an elbow but missed. Van Dam set up a chair in the corner but Dreamer ended up reversing the whip and being sent into it. Dreamer went for a Pedigree but Van Dam escaped. RVD hit Rolling Thunder for a two count.

Van Dam nailed the Five Star Frogsplash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Really good match that echoed their bouts in ECW and WWF. The crowd really loved the hell out of this.

They hugged.

Dreamer took the mic and said this was probably the last time they will ever wrestle. He told Van Dam to have a great last run in WWE because it’s guys like him in venues like this that made Tommy Dreamer who he is.

FWE champ Carlito vs. John Morrison

They locked up and Morrison grabbed a side headlock, then brought Carlito to the mat. Carlito used the ropes to break free. They went back and forth until Carlito caught Morrison

Carlito nailed a series of shoulderblocks but was caught with a hiptoss for a two count. Carlito went to the outside, trying to stop Morrison’s momentum.

When they returned to the ring, Carlito took control. Morrison fought back and went for a delayed suplex but Carlito blocked it and nailed a spinning neckbreaker. He went for a Bronco Buster in the corner but Morrison moved and Carlito drilled himself into the buckles.

Morrison stomped Carlito. He was sent into the corner but Morrison blocked him and nailed a reverse elbow and a spinning kick. Morrison continued working over Carlito and scoring two counts. He cinched on another headlock.

They went back and forth until Carlito flattened him with a superkick. Carlito kicked Morrison on the apron and he took a nasty bump. Carlito locked on a surfboard.

Morrison made a comeback and nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. Carito caught him with a sunset flip out of the corner but Morrison rolled through and kicked him in the face for a two count. Carlito came back with a sidewalk slam for a two count

Morrison went to the top but Carlito shoved him off to the floor. Carlito battled Morrison with a series of elbows. He nailed a Samoan Drop for a two count. Morrison came back with his spinning finisher off the ropes for the pin.

Your winner and new FWE champion, John Morrison!


The winner will have a Money in the Bank style title shot that he can cash in anytime in the next year for a chance at any time.

Number one is Damien Darling. Number two is Jorge Santi.

They went back and forth with Santi controlling the momentum in the ring. A third guy came in and they worked over Santi. Fourth out was Johnny Knockout, now wearing facepaint over part of his face. He teased charging into the ring until he backed up and did a full sprint in. Everyone fought each other.

Another Darling came out. He teamed with Damien. Wes Draven Turner was next out and hit some flashy offense. Everyone battled.

The Patriot (Tom Brandi) was next out. He clotheslined one of the Darlings out of the ring to the floor. Whoever the next person was, he was attacked and laid out. AJ Pann, the heelk riung announcer, came out dressed in a Ric Flair style robe, acting like he was going to wrestle. Everyone battled.

Next out was Chris Masters. They all battled. Next out was Stone Cold ET who got a massive pop. They all stopped and watched him do his deal on the ropes. They all attacked him. They trapped him in the corner and all took turns chopping the hell out of him.

Pann was dragged into the ring and chopped. Next out was VSK. There were several eliminations, including Draven after he was sent into the ringpost. Darling kicked off a VSK charge in the corner. Patriot was tossed out.

Mike Bennett was next out. Masters and ET went face to face, which was funny. Masters slammed him. He put the Masterlock on him, then dumped him to the floor.

Out next was Alex Reynolds. He and Masters teamed to thin the field of competition, throwing some more guys out. It came down to he, Masters, Santi and Bennett. Next out was EJ Risk. They all battled,

Next out was Jimmy Wang Yang, now dressed as one of the Flying Elvis. Everyone battled. Sam Shields was next. Everyone battled. Masters was eliminated by a double dropkick from VSK and EJ Risk. He tossed a chair into the ring out of anger.

Next out was Jason Gotti. VSK battled back and forth with Bennett.

Next out, out of nowhere, coming in from a side door, was The Sandman, who did his grand entrance, He hit the ring and started caning everyone. He got a MASSIVE ECW chant.

Next in was Matt Striker, who was announcing. He and Sandman went right at it. He’s wearing his sweater. He went right after Sandman and choked him on the mat.

Next out was Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer unloaded on Striker and clotheslined him over the top to the floor. A bunch of wrestlers teamed on Sandman and tossed him out to the floor at the same time. Everyone turned their attention to Dreamer, working him over.

After some eliminations, it was down to Reynolds, Dreamer, Gotti, VSK, Risk and Yang

Next out was Nick Jackson. He trued to form an alliance with Yang, then nailed him and tossed him over. Next out was Tony Nese. He and Reynolds immediately went at it. Nese and Dreamer held Reynolds’ legs open so Risk could be whipped into him.

Next out was Paul London. He battled with Risk. Dreamer tried to toss VSK. Petey Williams was out next. London nailed him with a leg lariat. Nese worked over Dreamer in the corner. Williams and Jackson teamed up to work over Nese.

VSK and Dreamer tried to toss Jackson over. Matt Jackson was out next. The Bucks worked over Nese with some of their finishers, then shot him into Williams for a Canadian Destroyer.

Nese, VSK and Risk were tossed out. London and Dreamer fought with the Bucks and Williams. Out next was Bandido Jr. He spiked Nick Jackson with a spinning DDT. Matt Jackson saved his brother, raking his back.

Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer on Dreamer, who escaped and nailed him with a piledriver. Next out was…no one. The Bucks battled with Dreamer, who nailed them with a stunner and DDT at once. He tried to suplex both Bucks to the outside but they escaped and nailed a double superkick on him to send him out. They rolled under the ropes to work him over.

Out next was Jigsaw. He hit a nice springboard rana on Nick Jackson. They drilled him with More Bang For Your Buck. Dreamer, who wasn’t eliminated, pulled a ladder out from under the ring. He tried to take out the Bucks but was sent through the ladder.

Out next was Jay Lethal, another surprise. He clotheslined Jigsaw out. He was backdropped to the apron by Bandido but returned to the ring with a sunset flip attempt. He sent Bandido over the top to the apron and kicked him out. He took the Bucks out and hit a pair of topes through the ropes on them.

Lethal and the Bucks exchanged superkicks and clotheslines. London, who was down, returned to the fray to help Lethal tossed the Bucks. Williams drilled Lethal with a knee strike. He and London battled on the apron.. He finally nailed London and knocked him off. Lethal then dropkicked Williams off.

Dreamer, who was out on the floor, and Lethal are the last two. Lethal brought him back out and nailed an axehandle off the ropes. He went for another but Dreamer nailed him in the bread basket. Dreamer peppered him with right hands.

Dreamer did the Hulk Hogan hulk-up and punches followed by a legdrop. Lethal rolled out of the way and started acting like Ric Flair, then locked in a figure four. He went to do it again but Dreamer kicked him off. Dreamer did the Terry Funk spinning toe hold, which got a “Terry” chant.

Lethal kicked Dreamer, who almost went over the top. He fought off Lethal. Lethal went for the springboard elbow but Dreamer caught him and tossed Lethal over the top for the win.

Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

Fun but long match. Lethal and Sandman were fun surprises.

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