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UPDATE x 2: As reported earlier today, Rob Feinstein from made a post on Facebook on Tuesday saying that he heard Sting had officially signed with WWE “in the past 24 hours”. Feinstein now says he has received “a million emails” about the situation since we picked up on his Facebook post and says he’s sticking by what he said earlier. Take this for what it’s worth but here is his latest Facebook post:

“I got a million emails over the day and wanted to wait before I said anything more on the Sting situation. I see that my FB post has been all over websites today and I will stand by my story as the person who told me has never lied to me and is a good source. As I stated earlier today I do not think Sting will face Undertaker at Mania. I am certain that Taker is going to face Brock at mania and I know a little bit more but I don’t want everyone yelling at me for spoilers. Trust me Mania is going to be really good this year if it’s true what I have been told. Everything changes in this business so there is nothing that you should go out and bet your house on. I still think that Sting will not be at Mania and will be on Raw the following night and be tied into the Network. I guess we will all have to wait and see but I also think WWE will def tease Sting up until that weekend but again I think he will debut on Raw and only wrestle a certain huber of dates and maybe one MAJOR match at Mania in CA in 2015 and be part of the HOF.”

UPDATE: Negotiations are reportedly ongoing still between Sting and WWE. The word going around is that a decision must be made and finalized within the next two weeks if Sting is going to join the company. It’s possible the deal has already been reached (see Rob Feinstein’s comments below) but we don’t have that confirmed as of this writing.

Several factors are being decided at the moment, including scheduling and what Sting is and isn’t willing to do creatively. While nothing is confirmed, and Sting could end up working with TNA again, the impression has been given that if Sting were to have a run with WWE, he realizes that now is the time.

Another note going around is that if Sting were to sign with WWE, he would not be competing in a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX as has been rumored in the past. However, this does not mean that Sting won’t appear in some sort of cameo or vignette during the WrestleMania XXX broadcast.

Additionally, there’s a feeling within WWE that with the company getting ready to focus a lot of WCW-related content on the new WWE Network, that Sting could be an asset in that regard.

As of Monday, it is believed that Sting had still not signed a contract with WWE. For whatever it’s worth, however, Rob Feinstein of RF Video noted on his Facebook account that he heard Sting had in fact signed a deal with WWE at some point in the last 24 hours.ORIGINAL: Rob Feinstein of RFVideo has posted the following on his Facebook about Sting signing with WWE…

“I was just informed Sting has signed a deal with WWE in the last 24 hours. I still think personally he will show up after Mania since it seems like Undertaker vs Brock is what they are aiming for. Reminds me when everyone thought Brock would debut in Miami but they waited for Raw.”

It was reported over the weekend by Anthony DiMoro of that Sting and WWE had reached an agreement.

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