Impact Wrestling Results
February 16, 2017
Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Results by Sam Pierce –

Decay (Crazzy Steve & Rosemary) w/ “The Monster” Abyss vs. Moose & Brandi Rhodes – Mixed Tag Team Match

Rosemary rakes Moose’s back, allowing Steve to gain the early advantage.

Moose charges at Steve but he pulls down the top rope, sending Moose to the outside. Abyss clotheslines Moose behind the referees back.

Moose launches Steve over the top rope and right onto Abyss. Rosemary jumps on the back of Moose but Brandi attacks her. Brandi connects with a missile dropkick from the second rope.

Moose and Brandi deliver shots to Steve and Rosemary in the middle of the ring. Moose pins Steve to pick up the victory.

Winners: Moose & Brandi Rhodes

Backstage, Moose and “Mini Moose” Brandi Rhodes are celebrating their victory. Moose tells her that he’ll always have her back in Impact Wrestling.

In-Ring Segment: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards

Eddie Edwards is in the ring and he’s got revenge on his mind. He says he’s here for one reason and it’s to beat up his former Wolves partner, Davey Richards after he was betrayed last week. Eddie calls out Davey but his wife Angelina Love comes out instead. She questions where Eddie was when Davey tore his ACL and blames Eddie for abandoning them in exchange for the world title. Davey comes out and accuses Eddie of turning his back on him. Eddie charges up the ramp and the fight is on! Security comes down to break it up. Eddie challenges Davey to an anything goes street fight – tonight!

Broken Hardys Expedition of Gold

We travel to the Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Mexico for the opening of The Broken Hardy’s Expedition of Gold. They’re in search of the promoter to challenge the Mexican tag team champions.

Laurel’s Bachelorette Party

Maria, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna arrive to Laurel’s bachelorette party but are unhappy with the way that Allie has decorated the room. Allie was under the impression that the party was for Maria until Maria informs her that Laurel will be marrying Braxton Sutter next week.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jessie Godderz

Godderz hits the blockbuster from the second rope for a near fall.

Kingston pulls Godderz’ throat across the top rope and follows up with an STO.

Godderz attempts to lock in the Adonis Crab but Kingston avoids it.

Godderz connects with a springboard forearm to win.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

After the match, the lights go out and the other DCC members, James Storm and Bram appear in the ring but Jessie Godderz has already escaped to the top of the ramp!

Fact of Life feat. Tyrus and Eli Drake

It’s time for another edition of Fact of Life but this time, it’s Tyrus hosting the show. Eli Drake berates Tyrus for choosing EC3 as his opponent on Open Fight Night in a match that Drake lost. Drake tells Tyrus he’s paid to watch his back and nothing more. Tyrus grabs Drake by the throat and says he will see him in the ring next week!

Broken Hardys Expedition of Gold

The Broken Hardys finally meet with the promoter, Konnan. They tell him they don’t want money, they just want to the tag team champions. Konnan approves the match and we’ll see it tonight!

Laurel’s Bachelorette Party

Maria informs Allie that she’ll be the ring bearer at Laurel and Braxton’s wedding next week before leaving for a better party.

The Broken Hardys vs. Psicosis & Super Crazy – Mexican Tag Team Championship – Expedition of Gold Match #1

During the match, we see Vanguard 1 hanging out with some of the promotion’s female competitors backstage.

In the ring, Broken Matt hits Psicosis with the Twist of Fate. Brother Nero follows up with the Swanton Bomb to win.

Winners: The Broken Hardys

The promoter chases after them but they use Vanguard 1’s teleportation ability to return to the Dome of Deletion. Broken Matt has a premonition and reveals they will challenge for the Mid-Atlantic’s tag team titles next week!

Brooke vs. Sienna w/ Maria

Sienna and Maria take turns distracting the referee, while the other locks in an illegal choke on Brooke.

Sienna charges at Brooke in the corner but Brooke counters into a Facebuster from the second rope.

Sienna regains control with multiple Fallaway Slams.

Brooke avoids Sienna’s AK-47 and rolls her up to win.

Winner: Brooke

Backstage, Eli Drake says he’s going to end Tyrus’ career next week.

In-Ring Segment: Lashley and Josh Barnett

Lashley is in the ring to once again declare his dominance when he’s interrupted by former UFC Heavyweight champion, Josh Barnett! Barnett tells Lashley he isn’t worthy of holding the TNA world title and needs to be taught a lesson. Lashley welcomes Barnett to TNA and tells him unlike in MMA, there are no rules in Impact Wrestling. Lashley tells him to leave when Barnett attempts to lock in an armbar. Barnett challenges Lashley for the world title and Lashley accepts!

Eddie Edwards vs. “The American Wolf” Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love – Anything Goes Street Fight

Angelina Love appears on the stage to distract Eddie. Davey runs through the crowd and attacks him from behind to gain the early advantage.

Davey smashes a steel chair on Eddie’s hand. Davey taunts to the crowd, allowing Eddie to go on the offense. Eddie hits a huge suicide dive in which he goes flying over the guardrail!

Angelina gets in the ring with a steel chair. She hands it to Eddie but he gets caught with a chair shot from Davey.

Davey and Angelina are about to double team Eddie when Eddie’s wife, Alisha comes out to even the odds. She’s immediately taken out by Angelina who then handcuffs her to the ropes.

Eddie lies over Alisha to protect her but he gets assaulted with multiple chair shots from Davey. Angelina makes Alisha watch as Davey hits him with a con-chair-to. Angelina Love kicks the referee below the belt and counts to three herself as Davey covers Eddie for the win.

Winner: Davey Richards

Next week, The Expedition of Gold continues as the Broken Hardys challenge for the Mid-Atlantic tag team championships. Plus, it’s the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness. Don’t miss it!