Gillberg returned during the Festival of Friendship segment on Raw, only to be immediately attacked by Kevin Owens.

Duane Gill (Gillberg) is currently 57 years old. He last appeared in a WWE ring in 2007, participating in a battle royal during the 15th anniversary episode of Raw. He also appeared on The Edge and Christian Show last year.

Goldberg Reacted on Twitter

WWE posted an interview with Gillberg in 2010 about how Goldberg actually really does not like him.

“Goldberg hates my guts,” Duane Gill said. “He told me right to my face.”

From the moment Duane Gill began parodying former World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg on WWE television in 1998, the WWE Universe anticipated a face-to-face meeting between the two men. But it would be five long years before the intense original and his hilarious impostor were in the same building.

It was April of 2003 and Goldberg was embroiled in a heated rivalry with The Rock after making his long-awaited WWE debut one month prior. To get under Goldberg’s skin, The Great One recruited Gill to slip on his Gillberg tights and make a special appearance on Raw. But before Gill could surprise the man he’d poked fun at for years, the two crossed paths in the locker room. To the surprise of few, the deadly serious Goldberg made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of Gill’s antics.

“He told me I had a [butt] whooping coming,” Gill frankly stated.

Still, despite Goldberg’s stern warning, Gill went to the ring with The Rock and performed an over-the-top imitation of the bald, big man that was so funny even The Brahma Bull couldn’t hide his laughter. But the hijinks came to a stop when Goldberg hit the ring and went straight for Gill.

“I tell you what, the man picked me up literally off the floor by my neck with one hand,” Gill remembered.

Thanks to The Rock, Gill was able to escape unharmed. It would be the first and only time he’d make contact with Goldberg in the ring, but the thought of a big match between the two men never left Gill’s mind.

“I guarantee that you could have held a pay-per-view with Goldberg against Gillberg, but I think [Mr. McMahon] saved me,” Gill admitted. “He said, ‘That little guy will die if Goldberg gets to him.'”