Bobby Roode was interviewed on X-Pac’s podcast and it was pointed out that the “Glorious” theme was actually originally made for someone else and Roode was supposed to have a different theme, but Triple H decided that it fit Roode well.

Starts at around 32:40.

X-Pac: Am I right that they had a different song lined up for you to use in your entrance? The Glorious theme was somebody else’s?

Bobby Roode: I know they had the Glorious theme kinda… there to use and nobody really used it. I think they did make it for somebody else. The original song that they sent me was nothing like the Glorious song. We had it set out that that was what I was gonna use when I made my debut, but Hunter… Hunter is a very smart man obviously and he thought that this Glorious song would fit my character a little better.

When I listened to it, it was totally different than what I had previously and totally different than everybody else on the roster. Whenever you can be different and unique that’s a good opportunity. I didn’t love it at first, but the more I listened to it, the catchier it got and obviously it caught fire. It was the #1 song on iTunes for a little bit of time. It was a blessing.