As we all know by now, WWE performer Paige has had several photos and videos released of her that were sexual in nature. The videos included Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) having sexual intercourse with current wrestler Xavier Woods (real name Austin Watson) and former wrestler Brad Maddox (real name Tyler Kluttz) and well as a vibrator (real name Dill E. Doe). It should be noted that both Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox are married, although I am not certain if either were married at the time the sexual acts were filmed.

The question on everyone’s mind for Paige is “What’s next”, in regards to her future. Paige was said to be on turbulent waves within WWE for dating Alberto Del Rio, requesting her release (which was denied), being arrested for an altercation in Las Vegas after the 2016 Money In The Bank event and she has been out of action with a neck injury for some time. Should Paige be punished for the videos and photographs, one of the latter of which includes a semen-drenched NXT Women’s Title belt?

I believe no action should be taken against Paige in this matter. What a person does in their own private time is their business. What happened between Paige, Woods and Maddox was between consenting adults. People have sex. Sex happens. So do leaks of tapes — but should we punish individuals for having sex when the vast majority of the world’s population is “guilty” of the same nefarious act? Most definitely not. The only questionable offense was drenching WWE property in semen.

Enough time has passed that Paige should not face any recourse in regards to the NXT Women’s Title. It might be a wise decision for WWE Human Resources to send out a memo asking all talent to refrain from saturating Title Belts with bodily fluids in the future. We, as wrestling fans, can only imagine what Ric Flair, among countless others, have likely done with Title Belts in the past.

Lastly, WWE should not punish Paige because of the upcoming biopic being released on her, “Fighting With My Family”. The film is being co-produced by WWE Studios and Seven Bucks Productions, which is owned by The Rock. “Fighting With My Family” is being directed by Stephen Merchant, who recently was seen by many movie-goers in the film “Logan”, where he played Caliban. Any punishment Paige received from the leaked photographs and videos would likely attach a negative stigma to her biopic, which is said to have a happy ending.

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