On last night’s Impact Wrestling on Pop, Karen Jarrett announced in an in-ring promo that Impact Wrestling has officially merged with Global Force Wrestling.

GFW is Jeff Jarrett’s promotion that he founded in 2014 after leaving TNA. They did a few live shows and actually taped a few episodes for a potential TV show in 2015, but Jarrett was never able to get a TV deal and the show actually never aired. With Jarrett’s return to TNA, some sort of merger with GFW almost seemed inevitable.

A few GFW wrestlers have already debuted on Impact, including the GFW Global (World) Champion, Magnus, Sonjay Dutt and Kongo Kong.

It was also mentioned on last night’s Impact that the current GFW Women’s Champion, Christina Von Eerie, would be debuting on Impact soon.

The current GFW NEX*GEN Champion is Cody Rhodes.

The tag team titles are currently vacated, with the first and only champions, The Bollywood Boyz being signed to WWE.

On last night’s episode, Impact referred to the different GFW championships, so we’ll see if they actually keep the titles separated or end up unifying them with the Impact titles.