As previously reported on TPWW, WWE is still rumored to want to use the “Broken” gimmick for the Hardy Boys and are still in on-going talks with Anthem Entertainment.

A recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio show revealed some of the details being worked on between the two sides in regards to “Broken” gimmick and its future in the WWE. While Anthem is still pushing for both royalties and merchandise sales, WWE supposedly rejected both demands and instead is offering a one time lump sum in exchange for full ownership of the gimmick.

WWE currently has plans for the Hardy Boys to continue using their old gimmick till they drop the tag titles. Afterwards the transition into the “Broken” gimmick would start for the team. WWE feels they still have some money making time left with the old gimmick before the change is going to be needed.

WWE is also currently rumored to be considering plans to push Jeff Hardy as a singles wrestler once the “Broken” gimmick has run its course with ideas of Jeff vs Finn Balor and Jeff vs Brock Lesnar as possible major feuds.