Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman made this not-in-character Instagram post:

Sometimes life throws you unexpected obstacles. Things will get in the way of your dreams they always do. How you handle your set backs is what makes the difference. I could sit around and think what could I have done to avoid this what did I do to deserve this. Y? Y? Y? I say to hell with that. There's no time for excuses and pity party's!!!! Every day Is a day I get the opportunity to grow stronger everyday I push myself further cause I refuse to let this slow me down. Nothing can stop me from being the best. I'll blow through this like I have every set back life has ever throw at me and continue to own my destiny!!!! This is my life and I tell what and when I'm gonna do things. #nothingcanstopme #unstoppable #braunstrowman #monsteramongmen

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Darren Young

Darren Young posted a picture of himself being pretty ripped as he recovers from his injured elbow. He’s been out for four months and the original timeframe for his recovery was six months.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Drew Gulak “poked fun” at the indie wrestling controversy from yesterday.

NJPW Website, which is basically like WWE Network for New Japan Pro Wrestling, has re-designed their website.