Rusev and WWE hyped up last week that he would be showing up on SmackDown this week:

Two weeks ago, I demanded that Shane McMahon give me a WWE title opportunity at Money in the Bank, or else I’ll just walk, I’ll go right back home. And since I made my demand, I have heard nothing from the SmackDown Live commissioner. I don’t like being ignored. That’s even more disrespectful than turning me down. I want an answer and I’ll get one when I come to SmackDown Live next week.

Obviously, he wasn’t on the show tonight and posted on Twitter that he “had to make” the Nashville Predators NHL playoff game. Rusev currently lives in Nashville with Lana.

With this being the Backlash go-home show and Rusev’s program being centered around getting a match at Money in the Bank (June 18), it probably does make sense to hold off on his return for until next week at least.