Recent episode of The Steve Austin Show had Shane McMahon as the guest and discussed a variety of topics including NXT, criticisms of current WWE, his future in the WWE, and more.

On the topic of WWE’s developmental system, Shane revealed he originally wanted ECW to be a NXT-like developmental system for the company. Similar to NXT’s current model, Shane had plans to reform ECW shortly after its purchase to become the main place for new WWE stars to be developed and older stars to teach the next generation. He praised Triple H for making those ideas a reality with NXT.

Paul [Levesque], Triple H, has done a phenomenal job with a whole cast of guys of really building that territory. Dusty [Rhodes] prior to him and Paul [has] taken it to a-whole-nother level. Prior to that, that’s originally what we wanted ECW to be when we first purchased it. I wrote the business plan for ECW just to be that AAA system because we needed guys. Whether you’re coming up or coming down, you have certain guys that are going to peak. You can’t stay at the peak forever, so as they come down, well, start [sharing] that knowledge.

When discussing criticisms with the current WWE product, Shane stated he understands the main complaints of the WWE being too micromanaged and how it has been hurting the product as a whole. Shane did revealed a big benefit of the brand split was Smackdown getting more creative freedom to run their brand unlike RAW.

SmackDown, I don’t know if [Austin] would agree with this, has a lot more spontaneity than RAW and I also think it’s because it’s not as regulated as much as RAW. RAW was number one.” McMahon continued, “I think, and kudos to Brian James and the creative group there. Everybody’s trying very hard to create more of that spontaneity and to give guys and girls opportunities they would never have had if it’s all under one brand, so going back to our theme of our entire podcast here, is having the right opportunity, but telling the right stories.

Later in the interview, Shane mentioned he has been enjoying his time back in the WWE and hinted about staying for as long as he feels he can still help others grow and develop into big stars for the company.

Yeah, I’m very much enjoying that and as long as I can continually make a difference and help guys now, watch greener guys grow and help them learn psychology and the product better, I’m in. It makes me feel great. I love to be able to do that. I love to teach. And I love the camaraderie of it all. I love the business.

Other topics discussed included Shane mentioning how different things have become since the territorial days in regards to developing new stars. As well as, him believing the roster feels too scared to try new things or give ideas to help their careers because they worry about failing and risking their jobs.