WWE 205 Live Results
May 16, 2017
Manchester, New Hampshire
Commentary: Tom Phillips and Corey Graves
Results via Bryan Rose of F4Wonline.com

Backstage Interview: Austin Aries

Dasha Fuentes started the show off by interviewing Austin Aries. She asked him about TJP tonight. Aries called him a lapdog for Neville, and said that title shot TJP thinks he’s going to get? Not going to happen. He brought up his injured knee, but injured knee or not, he claimed TJP will never be on the A Double level.

Noam Dar defeated Gran Metalik

Aside from a botched hurricanrana, Metalik looked good early on offense. Alicia Fox distracted Metalik, which allowed Dar to blindside him for heat. Metalik came back with a big springboard elbow. Metalik went to walk around the middle rope when Dar cut him off with a kick to the leg, then followed with a knee strike for the win. This was a good, competitive match.

Backstage Interview: Brian Kendrick

It was announced that next week Brian Kendrick would face Akira Tozawa in a street fight. Fuentes interviewed Kendrick, who went over the rules of a street fight, and said a crafty mind like his could spell trouble for Tozawa. He wasn’t planning on Tozawa being so stubborn. This final lesson (as opposed to last week’s final lesson) might be the end of Tozawa’s 205 Live dreams.

Promo: Cedric Alexander

A Cedric Alexander video package aired. He returns next week.

In-Ring Segment: Mustafa Ali, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak

Mustafa Ali was coming out for a match against Tony Nese when Drew Gulak attacked him from behind, throwing him into the barricade. He threw Ali into the ring post hard, making a nasty sound. Gulak threw Ali into the ring and told Nese to do the running knee in the corner — he obliged. Both posed in the ring, Gulak lifting up his No Fly Zone sign as Ali was left a complete mess.

Backstage: Rich Swann, Ariya Daivari, Jack Gallagher

Rich Swann was interviewed by Fuentes. She said Dar has claimed that Swann will get what he deserves for trying to break he and Alicia Fox up. Swann offered a rebuttal, but was suddenly interrupted by a guy with a package for a Richard T. Swann. Swann said that’s not him, you’re looking for the guy over there. That guy over there happened to be Ariya Daivari, who was looking at himself in a mirror. Daivari accepted the gift, thinking it contained some fancy Persian glasses, but soon realized they weren’t, so he left them be as he exited. Jack Gallagher came in and looked at the gift, but Daivari came back and told him to get lost. He opened the package, and soon enough white powder flew right into his face. He wasn’t too happy about that one.

Austin Aries defeated TJP

TJP spent the early part of the match working on Aries’ busted leg. TJP went to dab while working on a submission, allowing Aries to mount a comeback. He went for a suicide dive and landed it, but tweaked his leg in the process. Aries went for something off the top rope, but TJP blocked it, clipped his leg, and took him down with the kneebar. TJP grabbed the ropes for leverage, which the referee saw and forced him to let go. TJP had him on his shoulders for the Detonation Kick, but Aries countered with a small package into the Last Chancery, making TJP quickly submit in a solid bout. Neville blindsided Aries after the match, slamming his bad knee into the post and applying a heel hook. Gallagher ran in with his umbrella and struck Neville with it, sending Neville to the outside to close out the show.