David Otunga was interviewed by Muscle & Fitness and said that he’s getting ready to shoot another movie, which is still in pre-production.

Now I’m a commentator with WWE, which is awesome because it allows me to do that and still pursue acting at the same time. I have another film coming up, Live to Tell, which I’m starring in and producing. We’re just about to start pre-production. That shoots in Atlanta and it’s a powerful film about a school shooting like Columbine, and it has a great, great message and it’s very anti-bullying.

When WWE originally announced that he was taking time off to shoot a movie a couple of months ago, they said he would be shooting a movie called “Katrina,” which appears to be a different movie, but there’s also nothing on IMDb about a movie called “Katrina” for some reason.

It was previously mentioned that Booker T would remain at the Raw commentary table at least “until the end of the summer.” Booker T has easily been received far better than Otunga has as commentator and WWE probably realizes that, so we’ll see what ends up happening when Otunga is actually ready to return.