Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis, who have recently signed with WWE, are in St. Louis, which is the site of tonight’s Money in the Bank PPV. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll be on the show and it was reported yesterday that they’ll be traveling with the SmackDown roster for tonight’s show and will also travel with them for Tuesday’s SmackDown.

From yesterday’s report:

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis, who recently left Impact Wrestling and were rumored to have signed WWE contracts a couple of months ago, will be traveling with the SmackDown roster to the Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday and SmackDown on Tuesday, according to PWInsider.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll show up at the PPV or on SmackDown Tuesday, but their debut does appear to be imminent and it seems like they’re going to end up skipping NXT and heading right to the SmackDown roster.

There have been some rumors and speculation going around that Maria Kanellis could even show up for the women’s Money in the Bank match, but I don’t know if that sounds too logical or likely. Maria was part of WWE from 2004 until her release in 2010, but has mostly been a “manager” in her time at ROH and TNA.

Mike Bennett has never previously been under contract with WWE, but he did appear as a jobber on a 2007 episode of WWE Heat, losing in a tag team match to Cryme Tyme.