Roman Reigns’ Announcement

Roman Reigns said that people aren’t going to like his “SummerSlam announcement” on Raw.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is being advertised for the August 28 Raw in Memphis, TN, which is the week after SummerSlam. He’s been rumored to be facing Braun Strowman at SummerSlam, but that could change and he could face Samoa Joe again instead.

WWE Threatens a UK Car Rental Company

WWE is threatening legal action for some reason against a small car rental company in the UK called “Raw Motors,” saying that their logo is too similar to the WWE Raw logo, according to a report by the Nottingham Post.

The logo is obviously a ripoff, but… whatever.

The owner of the company responded by challenging someone from WWE to a wrestling match, but that just annoyed WWE’s lawyers.

“This kind of flippant response as set out is extremely disappointing and not constructive. You and your client should understand the importance of intellectual property rights but making an offer such as this appears to demonstrate otherwise and suggests a lack of respect in contrast to that which our client has accorded to yours. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, raised a legitimate complaint regarding your client’s adoption of the Logo and a response of this kind clearly indicates that your client is not taking it seriously.”

The owner of the company said WWE has given him two months to change the logo.

Big Al, who says he has been given two months to change the logo, said: “We are not changing the name. Never. We are just changing the design. We have put everything we have got into this business, such as re-mortgaging the house. It is petty. They are such a big organisation – fair enough if we had something to do with wrestling but we don’t.”

“Strangest Things Hung Above a Ladder”

WWE posted this video:

6 strangest things hung above a ladder

We’ve witnessed some iconic Ladder Matches in WWE history, but we’ve also seen some bizarre ones. From ceramic ducks to custody papers, these are the weirdest items ever hung above a ladder.