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WWE NXT Results
June 14, 2017
Orlando, FL

Drew McIntyre defeated Rob Ryzin

Great way to kick off NXT this week, with the former WWE Intercontinental and TNA World Champion. Ryzin is deceptively tall, but all that means is McIntyre had to lift his foot up higher to kick him in the yap. Ryzin slapped McIntyre in the face, which sent him into a rage. Like every other match he’s had since his return, McIntyre picked up the win with the Claymore Kick.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain defeated Anthony Dominguez & Wilmer Freyday

Rezar and Akam, celebrating their one-year anniversary, took part in a squash match this week. I really should say Akam did, since Paul Ellering had Rezar stand outside and let Akam destroy both men. Akam pinned Dominguez with a Death Valley Driver. After the match, Rezar got in and delivered a Super Collider to their foes.

It was then time for an interview. Paul Ellering said Heavy Machinery is as foolish as they are large. Ellering listed every team they defeated over the past year and said Heavy Machinery won’t even be a footnote in the Book of Dominance. Out came Heavy Machinery for a confrontation. The four men looked ready for a fight, but Ellering pulled his men away.

Promo: Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville (the former Daria Berenato) is going to get another chance at debuting and will be in action next week.

Velveteen Dream defeated Raul Mendoza

Boy oh boy, Mendoza, who was last seen in the Cruiserweight Classic, was back to do battle with Velveteen Dream. Of course, Dream did not have much of a better reaction from the crowd than he had a few weeks ago in Chicago. Mendoza made a little bit of a comeback, but Dream laid him out with a rolling DVD and won with the top rope elbow.

Backstage Interview: Kassius Ohno

Broadcaster Kayla Braxton interviewed Kassius Ohno in regards to what happened last week with Hideo Itami. Ohno said he sunk to Itami’s level. Itami is not a bad guy, but Ohno is going to get his own aggression out next week by wrestling Aleister Black.

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot went to a no contest

Ruby Riot and Asuka were nice enough to wait for their entrance music to turn on before coming to the ring. Cross just slithered to the ring during the announcement of Moon’s return. Our announcers tried to make it sound like Asuka was at a disadvantage since she’d have to beat both of them in an elimination match. That seems ridiculous since she can’t lose her title and the undefeated streak in a BS method. Plus, she pinned them both AT THE SAME TIME at TakeOver.

Both challengers went head-first at each other, but would stop long enough to knock Asuka down before turning to each other. Of course that didn’t last too long, as the Empress of Tomorrow could not be stopped. They did tease the TakeOver finish, but Riot caught Asuka’s foot on a kick. Cross used a spinning fisherman’s suplex on Asuka, but we’ll never find out if that would have finished her off, as Asuka rolled outside. Cross pinned Riot with a spinning neckbreaker off the top rope.

Dominating Riot and dominating Asuka are two different things, as Asuka turned her full attention to the female member of SAnitY. Asuka dominated everywhere, in the ring, on the apron, on the floor, and up the ramp. Asuka and Cross fought to the backstage area and the referee, instead of following them, announced it was a no contest?

Exiting the arena, Asuka and Cross were still fighting in the loading dock. A bunch of referees tried to talk reason into them as Asuka slammed Cross’ head into the wall. They ended up back in the arena and Cross shoved Asuka face-first into ice water. Back in front of people, they fought on top of the tech area before Cross flung herself into Asuka and both crashed through a table!