Hey, they fixed almost everything in just a few days! Here’s the notes:

Version 0.9001 was published today.
Please refer to the patch notes below.
We have been watching the forums and are working to address the issues reported.
We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make improvements through Early Access.

Please direct all comments related to the patch to this forum thread so that we may better track your feedback.

Fixed room search issue that was preventing matches from being found.
Fixed issue where the game would freeze at a black screen when starting a match.
Fixed bandwidth issue where you would switch control with opponent’s wrestler.
Fixed issue preventing you from selecting alternative costumes.

Fixed issue that prevented multiple costumes from uploading to Workshop.
Fixed issue causing CPU logic settings to reset.
Fixed issue preventing a thumbnail from being created when uploading an edit.

*You will need to republish your edit data on the Workshop for these changes to take effect.

[How to Republish]
1)Go to Edit Mode > Workshop, then republish the item (Overwrite and Publish.)
>If the upload succeeds, that’s all you need to do. Subscribed users will receive the update automatically.
>If your edit is missing a thumbnail, sometimes it will fail to update the thumbnail. In this case, please proceed to Step 2:
2)If the upload fails, you will need to copy the data and upload it as a new item. To do this, go to Wrestler Edit > Load Edit Wrestler > Save > NEW SAVE.
Now upload the item to the Workshop. Users will need to re-subscribe to this item.
>If you follow Step 2, we recommend that you remove the bugged data missing the thumbnail from the Workshop.

Fixed issue allowing you to use retired wrestlers.
Fixed issue with belt icons displaying improperly in View Title menu.
Fixed wrestler name display in league mode.

Fixed issue that caused a different wrestler to be deleted if you tried to delete an editing without saving first.
Fixed issue on PS4 controller causing color picker to get stuck moving up.
Fixed issue in Moveset menu where “Not used” text was not displaying.
Fixed issue allowing you to use more edit points than the set limit. If you have a wrestler that exceeds the point maximum, their parameters will be reset.
Improved response speed of percentage select window in CPU Logic menu.

Fixed issue preventing you from taunting/performing on corner post.
(If your wrestler was set to have a corner post performance, this issue also prevented them from using diving moves.)
Fixed issue where wrestlers were tiring too easily.
Fixed CPU logic issue that prevented CPU wrestlers from using irish whip and corner-to-center attacks.
Fixed CPU logic issue where “Grapple > Med Dmg” priorities were not being taken into consideration.

I can say that it introduces a new bug where if you use VSYNC, you have to enable it every time, but everything else seems better!