Rumor: WWE Considering Styles-Cena Match for SummerSlam

WWE is currently rumored to be considering AJ Styles versus John Cena match for the United States Championship at SummerSlam, according to a recent episode of The Wrestling Observer Radio show.

Dave Meltzer mentioned WWE might be teasing a feud between Cena and Styles for SummerSlam based on Styles wanting to hold his own US Open Challenge series and Cena being the first person to respond. Meltzer also debunked rumors of the WWE considering AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura for the US Championship at SummerSlam but did state it is a big match the WWE wants to do at a later date.

ROH Announces Another Joint Tour With NJPW for 2017

Ring of Honor recently announced another joint tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling will occur this October. The event will be called “Global Wars” and takes place in three different cities.

The tour occurs between October 12 to October 14 with Buffalo, New York getting the October 12th show, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania getting the October 13th show, and Columbus, Ohio getting the final show on October 14th.

Bayley’s Current Frustrations with RAW Career

During a recent episode of The Steve Austin podcast show with Bayley as the guest, Bayley stated at being frustrated with the current direction of her career on RAW. Bayley stated she recently contacted Triple H about wanting changes made including a possible heel run but was told to go to Vince McMahon instead since he had final say over everything.

Austin warned her during the show to not rush a heel turn out of frustration since one of his biggest regrets in his career was his heel turn in 2001 that ended up being a big mistake.

“WWE Did You Know” – Kenny Omega and Bullet Club

In a “WWE Did You Know” type fact, NJPW originally had plans for Kenny Omega to take over as the boss of Bullet Club after Prince Devitt (Finn Balor in WWE) left the company. Plans were changed to AJ Styles becoming the boss instead when he was hired by the company in 2014. Kenny Omega’s promo when Styles was kicked out of Bullet Club alluded to this past situation.

Omega revealed these plans during a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio show with him as the guest.