Mae Young Classic – Night 1, Round 1
Taped July 13, 2017 – To Air August 28
Orlando, Florida – Full Sail University

Results via King-Of-Zing on Reddit

Princesa Sugehit 🇲🇽 defeated Kay Lee Ray 🇬🇧

Princesa won with an armbar in 7-8 minutes. Kay Lee Ray getting out first round was a travesty.

Serena Deeb 🇺🇸 defeated Vanessa Borne 🇺🇸

Serena won with a spear. Looks like she’ll be the Kendrick/Tajiri of this tourney.

Shayna Baszler 🇺🇸 defeated Zeda 🇨🇳

Baszler won with a rear naked choke.

Piper Niven 🇬🇧 defeated Santana Garrett 🇺🇸

Piper won with a michinoku driver. Apparently it was a really good match.

Mia Yim 🇰🇷 defeated Sarah Logan 🇺🇸

Yim won with Eat Defeat.

Mercedes Martinez 🇺🇸 defeated Xia Li 🇨🇳

Martinez won with a dragon sleeper.

Rhea Ripley 🇦🇺 defeated Miranda Salinas 🇺🇸

Ripley won with a Uranage.

Abbey Laith 🇺🇸 defeated Jazzy Gabert 🇩🇪


Toni Storm 🇦🇺 defeated Ayesha Raymond 🇬🇧

Storm won with a roll through pin.

Dakota Kai 🇳🇿 defeated Kavita Devi 🇮🇳

Dakota won with a double foot stomp from the top rope.

Candice LeRae 🇺🇸 defeated Renee Michelle 🇺🇸

LeRae won with a swinging neck breaker from the top rope.

Rachael Evers 🇺🇸 defeated Marti Belle 🇩🇴

Evers won with a small package.

Bianca Belair 🇺🇸 defeated Sage Beckett 🇺🇸

Belair won with a spear.

Lacey Evans 🇺🇸 defeated Taynara Conti 🇧🇷

Lacey won with a belly to back piledriver.

Nicole Savoy 🇺🇸 defeated Reina Gonzalez 🇺🇸

Savoy won with an arm bar.

Kairi Sane 🇯🇵 defeated Tessa Blanchard 🇺🇸

Sane has awesome pirate music. Sane won with the best elbow drop in the business.

Round 2 Contestants

Princesa Sugehit 🇲🇽
Serena Deeb 🇺🇸
Shayna Baszler 🇺🇸
Piper Niven 🇬🇧
Mia Yim 🇰🇷
Mercedes Martinez 🇺🇸
Rhea Ripley 🇦🇺
Abbey Laith 🇺🇸
Toni Storm 🇦🇺
Dakota Kai 🇳🇿
Candice LeRae 🇺🇸
Rachael Evers 🇺🇸
Bianca Belair 🇺🇸
Lacey Evans 🇺🇸
Nicole Savoy 🇺🇸
Kairi Sane 🇯🇵