July 12, 2017
Orlando, FL – Full Sail University
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Fish

This was Bobby Fish’s NXT debut and the commentators hyped him up a lot, talking about all the championships he’s won worldwide and how he’s a 15 year veteran. They gave this match some time and it was pretty evenly matched until Black hit a few kicks and a high knee to Fish, knocking him out. He then picked him up and nailed him with a big spinning kick to the head (the Black Mass) for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Promo: Street Profits

They showed a promo for the Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, who are “coming soon.” Was just a bunch of random clips of them on Snapchat or something…

Interview: The Velveteen Dream

They showed the interviewer trying to get an interview outside the venue “two weeks ago.” Velveteen Dream was annoyed, asking her if she thought this was a proper venue to interview him. She said she’s interviewed other superstars this way before, but he said that he wasn’t other superstars, then told her to “figure something out” before cockily walking away.

Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match
Vanessa Borne vs. Jayme Hachey

Borne made really quick work of Hachey, winning with some sort of suplex/back drop/slam thing.

Winner: Vanessa Borne

Last Week: Drew McIntyre and SAnitY

They showed SAnitY ambushing and attacking Drew McIntyre near his car outside the venue last week.

Backstage: Bobby Roode and William Regal

Backstage, Regal said that Drew McIntyre and Killian Dain were both undefeated and he was trying to pick the next contender for the NXT Championship. Roode suggested he put them in a match with each other because that would be good for business. Regal agreed and said that match will be next week and the winner would face Roode at TakeOver Brooklyn.

In-Ring: Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano came out and said that he never thought someone he’d take a bullet for would turn on him, and he will never understand it. He said he wasn’t there to dwell on the past, though. He was looking towards the future and he had to be at TakeOver Brooklyn no matter what. He said he needed to be “Johnny Wrestling” again.

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Authors of Pain (c) vs. Heavy Machinery

This was a pretty even match. The Authors of Pain won with a double team combo Russian leg sweep / clothesline on Otis Dozovic.

Winners: The Authors of Pain

After the match, SAnitY came out and stood at the entrance ramp. Pieces of paper started falling down and SAnitY started eating them. Mauro said they were “pages from the Authors of Pain’s ‘Book of Dominance'”…