GFW’s Tyrus said on Instagram that he is skipping this week’s Impact TV tapings because he’s not happy with how he’s being used and feels that he’s being treated like a “second class citizen.”

I’ve been with Impact for 3 years now. 99% of it has been mostly positive and I’ve enjoyed my time. But the last 4, 5, 10 weeks for me and my fans has been terrible. I’ve been handcuffed and treated like a second class citizen. I’ve been working too hard to become a crossover star to be treated like we’re not. So, I’m not happy creatively with the way Impact’s been treating me. I’ve been playing phone tag all day with them. I just ain’t got time for that. So, you don’t want to use me the way that I have earned the right to be used? That’s cool. Probably get my Kaepernick on and I’m taking a knee. So I will not be at TNA tapings this week because I’m on hold out status. I’m not gonna be there until I get treated right. Enough said.

He has barely been used lately, wrestling in only 4 matches since January, according to profightdb. He wrestled in WWE as Brodus Clay until his release in 2014.